WHAT IS A JDQA (JOHN DEERE QUICK ATTACH)? #tractors #johndeere #jdqa #hookandpin

This is the John Deere quick attach or Jdqa sometimes referred to as a hook and Pin system your attachments have a hook That sit on top of these carrier Brackets and then you have a pin on the Bottom of your attachment that goes Through the hole that's down here you Lock it in place with a retainer pin or A linch pin this system is proprietary To John Deere not necessarily a bad Thing there's a whole world of Attachments out there we sell all sorts Of attachments for jdqa the same price As ssqa the width and the height are Going to be the exact same for every John Deere tractor from the 1 series Through the 4 Series so the height from The top bracket to this pin and from Here to here it could be a 4066r or a 1025r same exact setup Foreign [Music]

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