What is on your feet? Why?

foot wear when farming and building is important to keep your feet safe and body functioning properly. I have used a variety of boots and shoes on my homestead for years. The Georgia Romeo was my chore shoe for quite a while. I now use the high top version the Chelsea Romeo. This boot stays tighter in mud or on slopes. It also is high enough to keep wood chips out when running a chaninsaw. #georgiaboots @FlanaganHomestead

Hello Rob here from the Flanigan Homestead I'm sitting here in my pantry Slm mudroom uh outside this store is the Garage where I come in from working Around on the property behind the camera There is the house in here you can see Down below there's all kinds of shoes And on on the higher shelf there's a lot Of uh Food Supplies and whatnot this is Kind of our pantry and my wife said we Shouldn't have put these in the same Place or should have made it larger but That's beside the point but I'm getting Ready to go out and feed the animals and I'm want to talk about what's on your Feet um I I've both am going to give you Some suggestions or things that I like But I'd also like to hear some Suggestions for you from you for me but Uh Just so you know this is a Georgia Romeo I wore this for quite some time if here In the Washington State Western Washington every country boy has some Romeos you are not country if you don't Have Romeos I mean that's kind of the Standard and if you'd have asked me Years ago if I was going to have a slip On boot shoe I have told you you were Crazy but uh they do actually work quite Well they could slip on uh the leather They've got leather up uppers and They're they're a good strong shoe and You can get a lot of work done and get

Them on and off really easily um I was Talking to a friend that came from the East coast and he said it's not a thing Out there but maybe it became a thing After he moved I don't know but uh Besides that boot this is I used to wear That around the house around the Property here quite often but this is my I've moved up to this this is a Georgia Romeo Chelsea I believe they call it Basically the same boot but at a high Top and this I'm actually loving this Boot right now it does have the Reinforced toe for a little bit of Protection it's a waterproof upper and The thing that I like about it the most With it being a little bit tired it does A couple things for me it does keep my Uh keep me dryer when I'm walking Through brush uh I run a chainsaw a lot Uh firewood stand or cutting down trees And when I've got logs down I'm cutting A chainsaw when I'm wearing the Romeo's Low top and I step up my pant leg comes Up and uh I fill my these low Toops full Of wood chips but when I have this on um I'm the pant leg usually covers over the Top of it and it's Tighter and I don't Get a a shoe full of wood chip so that's Really good and having the slightly Higher top I do live on a Hillside and I'm always walking on the side Hillside And the having the higher uh ankle Support it keeps the shoe from rolling

And then there it's a muddy around here A lot and this stays on a lot tighter so I'm really enjoying this again if you'd Asked me years ago if I was going to be Wearing a slip-on work boot I said it Slip-on can't be a work boot but this is A actually excellent I use it every day Uh I can before I go to work my actual Job I go down to the barn slip these on SL uh take care of the animals come back And I have Garden animals everything Around here and I'm in and out in and Out quite a lot and so if I was wearing My more serious work boot that laces up It gets really this is what I use when I'm going to be gone all day working in The woods or whatnot uh lacing it up and Taking it off lacing it off gets really Frustrating but the this boot when I'm Working around the house and much of my Chores are around the house I can come In put this on take it off really Quickly and get inside use the restroom Get some food talk to my wife get some Supplies or get back out and get going So this is currently my uh favorite Everyday Boot and uh so we have you know We have mck boots we have barn boots we Have leather high tops we have all kinds Of boots but uh this is my this is my Daily um and you say well you can slip On a barn boot in on and off pretty Easily but uh it these boots right here Are better I can walk miles in these and

It works really well barn boots uh they Aren't really built for that and they Don't have the support so anyway that's What I'm wearing here at the Flanigan Homestead uh might want to give it a try This is not a paid sponsorship they Don't even know I exist but anyway I Enjoy these shoes and I'd like to hear From you what are some good suggestions For uh working in and out you know Working around your property being able To get inside the house Slip them off Get them on really quickly thanks for Joining me on the Flanigan Homestead Where Christmas trees are my business Teaching including horiculture is my job And out door projects are my passion Hope to see you again soon be blessed Everyone feel like I'm on Mr Rogers Neighborhood right Now well should be my Neighbor

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