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Foreign [Music] Here from Rock Hill Farms and I’m going Out to cut down a tree today But I don’t really know where I’m going Or what the tree looks like or what Condition it’s in So this is one of those deals where a Viewer said hey I love watching your Videos And I don’t live very far from you I’ve Got a tree I need taken down would you Be interested in doing it And I just feel like doing it he sent me One picture of the tree and it looked Really tall I can’t tell the diameter Didn’t have any bark on it and I don’t know I guess we’ll just find out When we get there whether this is going To be a simple deal where I just drop it And go or if it’s going to be something I have to be really careful with He’s also got a different brand of Tractor than mine so we’ll take a look At that should be a fun day see you out There The tree I’m here to get is the one you See right in the middle here with no Bark on it and this is kind of the Picture of it I saw but as I get up There it’s a little worse than what I Thought it was but I think I’m going to bring it this way Up the hill

And probably clear a lot of this little Stuff in front of it let’s go get a Closer look Oh I can just almost reach around it Pretty good size but I’ve cut a lot of Trees bigger than this one The difference with this is it doesn’t Have a clear path to fall so I have to Negotiate that All the barks off of it which makes me Wonder how dead this tree is And it is on a little bit of a hill so I Have to make sure I’ve got good footing And an escape path the other thing is I Don’t see any lean on this or any Difference in the weight distribution it Feels like this is perfectly balanced And perfectly straight up and down so I Could take it any way I want So it’s just a matter of I think if we Go this way It might be easier to get it out Afterwards if we can get a shot Of what the top of the tree looks like Thank you This isn’t a field tree like what a lot Of my cut or Field trees and they go More out than up So not as much weight as I’m used to at The top but it is a chance of one of Those if this is hollow of having a Branch come down on my head of having a Branch come down on my head of having a Branch come down on my head I’m going to

Get comments I always do that say just Cut the thing For me I’m not a professional but I have Done quite a few of these and my key is Take your time think about it look it Over not production logging where I’ve Got to get so many board feet out today I just want to get this tree down Without getting hurt So I take my time the ground level is Coming down pretty steep I don’t know The angle on it but that’s the other Reason I think I’d rather be downhill of It so I think before anything else I’m Just gonna poke a hole in this tree and Find out if it’s Hollow or not because That could really change what I want to Do so I’ll probably cut it down down Here I think I’m just gonna Do a bore cut right here and find out What we have Foreign [Music] It’s soft but I wouldn’t call it Hollow So I think we’re going to be good so That saw went through really easy but The chips are not that dark brown from a Rot Um [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Everything I’ve done lately was bore Cuts but that’s because all those trees Were leaning and already wanted to go One way this one is straight up and down And balanced so I’m gonna have to wedge It the way I want it to go probably I actually forgot my wedges but I got a Big steel one that I can make work so On this I’m not going to use that bore Cut I’m going to make a traditional face Cut down lower then start a back cut and Wedge it over [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Uh All right [Music] No no No no no no no no no no [Music] Um [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign

[Music] Foreign Judge a feller by his stump And I wouldn’t give myself a very high Grade on this But the thing with this tree is I really Believe it was perfectly balanced Because I cut it down to a hinge that Was Two inches and normally at two inches my Trees are I’m trying to keep them from Going but this thing at two inches I was burying this wedge and look how Fat that wedge is I was burying that Wedge and I couldn’t get it to go over When it finally went If you look right here The hinge right here was down under an Inch and the other hot side Had no hinge at all so Definitely not something I would advise To cut all the way through your hinge But I was trying to go slow and I was Driving wedges more than I was running The saw so Maybe I should have had another couple Sets of wedges over here and over here And here and just kept working them or The alternative is to have something Pull but it was Not a lot of opportunity to get uphill From this and pull So anyway it’s always successful when it Comes down and no one got hurt but there

Was actually I would guess I would call It through I had an accident during this Falling because when this fell it hit Another tree and a branch off another Tree fell and hit me in the head and I Can’t even figure out what it was Because there’s no branches laying next To here that looks like the right size For the impact I felt or that are turned The right way I don’t know what fell on Me but a tree branch hit me so I’m glad I was wearing the helmet always wear a Helmet if you’re cutting in the woods But the tree’s down and that’s what I Was here to do so I appreciate you Taking time to watch this video I’ll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I’ll see you next time

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