When an Equipment Manufacturer Actually Listens to Their Customers

Have you ever had an experience with an equipment manufacturer where you felt like they just didn’t understand your needs as a customer? Maybe you encountered issues with their product, but when you tried to express your concerns, you were met with generalized responses or dismissive attitudes. It can be frustrating to feel like your feedback doesn’t matter. That’s why when a manufacturer takes the time to listen to customer feedback and makes changes accordingly, it’s worth celebrating. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some examples of equipment manufacturers who have prioritized their customers’ needs and acted on their feedback.


In today’s world, businesses are constantly trying to improve their products by making them more efficient or more attractive. However, few companies truly listen to their customers and take their feedback into account. In the world of farm equipment, Curtis and Artillium products are setting a positive example by listening closely to their customers’ needs and developing products that make working on the farm easier and more organized.

Curtis Cab Door Brackets:

One of Curtis’ most popular products is their cab door brackets, which allow tractor owners to hang their cab doors on the wall for easy storage. This product was born out of a common frustration among tractor owners who found themselves struggling to find a good place to store their tractor doors. Curtis listened to their customers’ feedback and developed a simple, yet effective solution to this problem.

Rockhill Farm Daily Equipment Vlog:

Rockhill Farm is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on daily equipment and rural living vlogs, with a special emphasis on tractors. The channel’s creator, Derrick Josi, frequently showcases products that he finds useful on his farm, including Curtis and Artillium products. Josi’s videos provide an up-close look at how these products can be used in real-world farming situations.

Curtis and Artillium Products for Organizing Equipment:

Curtis and Artillium offer a variety of other products designed with organization in mind. From toolboxes to mountable equipment consoles, the companies offer a number of solutions to common problems faced by farmers. These products are designed to make working on the farm easier and more efficient, allowing farmers to spend more time doing what they love.

Importance of Organizing and Properly Storing Equipment:

Properly storing and organizing farm equipment not only makes it easier to access, but it can also help extend the life of the machinery. By keeping equipment off the ground and protected from the elements, farmers can reduce the risk of damage from rust or corrosion. Additionally, organized equipment makes it easier to keep track of what tools are available and where they are located, reducing the risk of costly mistakes or accidents.

Shelving Can be Added Once Doors are Moved:

Once tractor cab doors have been freed up by using Curtis Cab Door Brackets, farmers can add shelving to the area where they were previously stored. This provides another opportunity for organization and storage, allowing farmers to maximize their use of space. Curtis and Artillium offer a variety of customizable shelving options designed to fit the needs of farmers.

Doors Made by Curtis Based on Customer Feedback:

Curtis prides themselves on their customer-driven product development approach. The Curtis Cab Door Brackets are just one of many products that began as a suggestion from a customer. By listening carefully to their customers and taking their feedback into account, Curtis has been able to offer a range of products that truly serve the needs of farmers.

Instructions Not Included, but Relatively Easy to Install:

While Curtis Cab Door Brackets do not come with instructions, the installation process is relatively straightforward. The brackets can be easily mounted onto a wall using a few simple tools, providing immediate benefits in terms of storage and organization.

Eye Bolts and Adjustable Bungee Straps Can be Added for Secure Mounting Outside:

For farmers who want to store their tractor cab doors outside, Curtis offers optional eye bolts and adjustable bungee straps to secure the doors to a wall or post. These added accessories provide farmers with peace of mind that their valuable equipment is secure and protected from the elements.


Curtis and Artillium are leading the way in customer-driven product development for the farm equipment industry. By listening closely to their customers’ needs and developing innovative solutions to common problems, these companies are making life easier for farmers across the country. From the Curtis Cab Door Brackets to customizable shelving options, these products provide farmers with the organization and storage solutions they need to be successful.


  1. How do I know if Curtis and Artillium products are right for my farm?
  • Curtis and Artillium offer a wide range of products designed specifically for farmers. Review their product offerings to see if any items might be beneficial for your operation.
  1. Are Curtis Cab Door Brackets difficult to install?
  • While the brackets do not come with instructions, installation is relatively straightforward and can be done with a few basic tools.
  1. Can I use Curtis Cab Door Brackets to hang doors other than tractor cab doors?
  • The brackets are specifically designed for tractor cab doors, but could potentially be used for other similar types of doors.
  1. What other types of organizational products do Curtis and Artillium offer?
  • Curtis and Artillium offer a wide range of customizable shelving options, toolboxes, and mountable equipment consoles.
  1. Are Curtis products made in the United States?
  • Yes, Curtis and Artillium products are proudly made in the USA.
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