Who is buying this Quantity of Firewood bundles?

Hello Rob here from the Flanigan Homestead and just another story about Our fire my firewood stand uh I've been Selling firewood really well and I was Like okay were people heating their Homes because they're not camping this Time of year but they shouldn't be Buying bundles I I had one time there Was 56 bundles in here that disappeared Pretty fast so it's like it has to be Someone just stocking up their home but I did have my game camera up and I was Viewing it and it there was several People that had a large amount of Bundles but nobody just came and cleaned It out and so I was getting ready to Make a video as why is sales slowing Down because I had 19 bundles in here They've been sitting here all week long And nothing's moving I was here last Night and they were all there and then I Came back today I was actually going to Go do some other uh work and prepare for The well that's going to be drilled on My property soon and all the bundles are Gone I think there was 19 bundles there 95 was in my cash box so they're all Paid for so at this time it has to be One person buying 19 obviously this is Not just a camping trip but maybe you Know there's supposed to be a rain snow Mix again this weekend maybe they're Ready getting ready to just keep the House warm I don't know but I keep

Selling them so that's great so anyway Uh that's what's going on here at the Flanagan Homestead I was going to do Some other stuff but I'm going to make Some more bundles right now and mark the Spot for the well uh say a prayer for me That we get water at not too great of a Depth uh water table here is really Inconsistent and some people get water Shallow and good amount some people go For forever the well drill are just Based on stuff around here gave me an Estimate of 400 feet going down and About 40 Grand to have it drilled and Put uh Put the pump down in there so hopefully I I'm I'm hoping and I'm praying for Less than 200 feet and over 10 gallons Per minute but that's what's going on on The Flanagan Homestead Thanks for joining me be blessed Everyone

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