Why Cows Don’t Have Horns #shorts #dadjokes

I heard a story about a guy that lived In the country and had animals a farmer And everything and he had a cousin that Lived in the city and it was around the Holiday time so the cousins had all come To his house and was staying with him And he caught one of them City cousins Out by the fence looking over the fence One day and he said What are you looking at he said I I just Wondered why didn't that cow have horns And I'm he's like well there's a lot of Reasons a cow don't have horns some Breeds of cattle just don't have horns Like Angus they're a hornless breed and Then some cattle when they're little we Don't want them to have horns when They're big so we put some stuff on There that causes the horn not to grow And then sometimes when they get big and Have horns and we're trying to milk them They're rambunctious and they'll hurt You and so we have to cut those horns Off no pain to the animal or nothing but The reason that cow don't have horns is Because it's a horse

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