For years viewers have been saying “talk more about Kioti!” And I always figured maybe some day I would, but today was never that day. Well, “today” has finally arrived. With Deere and Kubota prices where they are, Kioti is looking better than ever. So let’s take a walkaround of this Kioti DK6010SE Cab tractor and tell you how it fares in the line up of similarly sized competitors.

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Folks we are looking at you might Mistake this for new but this is a used Okay coyote DK 610 SE cab tractor all Right just got this one in this is a Used Machine boy I forget I think it was a 2022 just a year old give or take it Might have been a 23 might have been a 21 but it's it's not old it's got 37 Hours on it just a beautiful machine all Right we showed you another DK series Tractor before and this is this is the Biggest one in the series all right so It's going to have the most horsepower Now it says 60 on there like the so it's A dk10 series and the 60 is kind of the Model but I looked it up online it's About 57 horsepower right in there so Still that's a lot of horsepower for a Tractor this size and again footprint Wise this is going to be comparable to Like a John Deere 3039r like a 3r series You're 3033 3039 3046 that's about where that comparison Ends because the capability of this Thing is going to Destroy the the 3r series all right and You're going to get this for less money Than the 3r so I want you to you got to Have something to compare to So think about one of those when you're When you're going through and looking at This and I'll give you a few specs on it As well on the loader and on the

Three-point for example I'll give you The machine weight and everything else Now this is hanging down um one of these Screws is out of here I think they did That for transport didn't find the screw I don't know if they put it somewhere That we didn't find we get a new screw In there and and hold that back up but That's why that's hanging down but uh a Lot of nice touches on these COI Tractors you can see they've got little Wiring um outputs so you can add on Additional work lights if you want to It's going to come standard with these Rear work lights already and then the Forward facing lights too some of the Coyotes that I've seen do have the rear Wiper that's on there this is what That's for so you can add on a rear Wiper even though this one doesn't have It it is something you can put on it's Got a handle in there so you can pop out This rear window if you want to washer Fluid gets held there you got a nice Toolbox again toolbox is a toolbox um be Really cool if there's a way to put a Big gigantic toolbox on here but it just Seems power for the course now one rear Remote is standard on basically all of The coyote tractors there's like one or Two series that don't have them but You'll see at least one remote on all of Them that come standard with an option For a second one that's over

Here as long as you have one rear remote You can add on one of those hydraulic Multipliers that we've talked about Before that basically can turn the one Remote into six rear remotes if you Wanted to and you can use that for a Hydraulic top and tilt kit you know we I Always use an example of a a pull type Snowblower that has uh hydraulic Rotation hydraulic deflector hydraulic Backd drag and all that so remotes can Add up pretty quickly now this lever Here is your external three-point Control if the machine was on you can Raise or lower with that uh right now You can actually see that the Three-point arms go down when the Machine is off you can still do that so Draw bar going to be standard 540 RPM Rear PTO 540 RPM is going to be the same Thing that's on a little John Deere 1025 Hour all the way up through the utility Tractors it's all the same thing still 540 R RPM uh on the rear PTO category 1 3point Hitch there are upgraded turnbuckles That you can get for the coyote this one Does not have the upgraded turnbuckles But that is an option that's available To get I like to kind of point out just The back end I mean this is a robust Looking back at and you've seen some Tractors out there that are a little Chintzy looking a little weak looking

Not that they are necessarily weak but It's it is reassuring to have something That looks beefy and robust uh R14 tires Now these aren't loaded you could fill These with liquid ballast and Ballparking I have not looked up this Tire size you're probably going to get 5 To 600 lb of rear of rear ballast if you Load these Tires I love the R14 tread pattern it's A hybrid all right it's a hybrid between A Turf Tire an R4 Industrial Tire and Then an a tire all right it kind of Merges the best qualities of all of Those you still get good traction it's Safe to take on your lawn it cleans out Really well it rides very well just a Lot of really good properties about it It is the most expensive Tire you can Get for compact tractors these days um So you're going to pay a premium for it Now typically it will fit the same Wheels like if you had R4 tires on here It would still fit the same wheel you Don't have to replace your wheel but a Nice touch you see this tread pattern on There you know you're getting a premium Tire something important yeah not on the Fronts just on the rears I like to point Out all right John Deere doesn't really Do this anymore on their compacts they Used to they don't anymore the center Hub is bolted on and why I like that is Because that gives you flexibility all

Right you can unbolt that Hub and Reposition it reconfigure it in Different ways and bolt it back on and Widen or narrow the footprint of your Tractor so instead of needing to get Wheel spacers on on there or dual wheels Which you can't do on this tractor you Can get a lot of additional stability Simply by making adjustments with this Center Hub because it's bolted on Instead of welded in Place uh full Factory cab all right so This is going to have heat air Conditioning uh you know wiper on the Front the work lights we talked About both doors are going to have I'll Open I'll open up this other side too I Come around both doors are going to Pistons to help hold them open which is Really nice again the John Deere doesn't Have that they've only got the Piston Assist on one side all right these cabs Are quiet sound I don't I don't I don't Think that there's any difference in the Quality of cab between a a deer Cabota versus the coyote as far as when You slam a door closed and you're Driving along nothing's rattling you Know there's no dust getting in there It's it's solid it's secure now the fit And the Finish is a little bit behind deer in Kabota all right it's not as high of a Quality of fit and finish and that's not

To say it's it's subpar it's just more Basic I guess is what I would what I Would say about it um not the end of the World got a nice step right here I don't Know if there's a step on the other side Or Not no no step on the other side Take a Look Down by that step bill you see the Fuel tank that's one of the features I Really do like on the deers a lot of Those fuel tanks are way up in the Fender okay and so if you're filling it By hand that can be a pain but if you Have the fuel tank down low like this And like what a lot of the kotas do as Well it's a lot easier to access uh Still out of the way hidden there behind The the tires and kind of inside the Footprint of the Tractor little bit about the loader all Right so big beefy loader big cylinders On here nothing nothing weak looking About it and this loader will lift a lot Of weight I'm going to have to pull up The spec here in a minute until tell you But this is a just a I mean you look at The the steel on here they're they're Not they're not cheaping out anywhere You know they've got a whole subframe That goes back and ties the loader to The back end of the tractor as well so It's it's designed to lift a lot of Weight and do it well I have found the Loader controls to be very smooth uh

Very responsive very tight uh they come Standard with a skid steer quick attach On there okay so you just pull pull a Couple of levers you can take your Bucket off put on Forks put on a snow Pusher put on a grapple put on there's Tons of attachments you can put out or Put on Here you will see this doesn't have a Third function on it but it's got the Provision like right where you would Mount it now Summit Hydraulics makes a Aftermarket third function kit that you Can put on here save 5% with code GWT super easy to do this is in fact Probably one of the easiest Brands to Put the third function on so again you Spend an hour or two you're going to get It done for like half the cost of what The OEM will charge you to get it done Love their buckets that they put on here I haven't seen any other size of or type Of bucket that's on these uh DK series And they've got that uh kind of this Little rib here that sticks out that Gives it some extra strength and the Reinforcing down below and and the Rolled and bent top and this is thick Underneath there get a look underneath There Chris cuz that's reinforced Underneath there as well so the John Deer it stops here with a tiny little Bend in the front and you see these top Edges get bent and crinkled all the time

So this is way beefier it's also Pre-drilled to add on a Cutting Edge it's it just makes sense I mean It's it's stuff if I was if I was like Hey let's build a tractor these are the Things that I would do on it they just Make sense to do that's what you want in The tractor that you're looking at folks We are proud to be sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid balance weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safy Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest Allnatural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a th dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard solutions.com Got To pop that Open There and Then Open that up again one piece Hood all Right everybody doesn't have that but a Lot of Manufacturers do it's nice to get Access in there loader is Quick Park so

You can take it off if you had to do Some major engine service on it you can Remove the loader and have complete Engine access the one thing I think is a Little goofy okay the air filter is nice To get access to but look at that Battery down there you got to do a Little bit of surgery to get to that Fortunately you don't have to deal with That a lot it is easier than some models Or some manufacturers to get to but that Is not the that is not the easiest Location I guess while I'm thinking About it too right here this is a bucket Level indicator all right so where this Bend is at is uh means indicates that The bucket is level so you can see it From the operator seat and you should be Able to make adjustments on that yeah With this slot right here you can loosen This up and slide that back and forth Like if you have a different tool like If you're using pallet Forks a lot uh For example oh those are locked in place There then you can and it has a Different level cuz sometimes a snow Pusher pallet Forks so bucket will all Have a different position when they're Actually level on the ground you can Make those adjustments with this bucket Level Indicator external mirrors are nice now These mirrors I have talked about these Before too I whack my mirrors and my big

K cabota uh all the time on things and So these mirrors do a good job of Staying in place and not um moving Nearly as much when you do whack a Branch now the last coyote that we Talked about also didn't have armrests They are optional they're not standard I Don't know why they aren't standard Because I can't believe that for a Manufacturer cost they're more than like 10 Bucks and there's no way that that is Really worth not putting on here so Coyote just include the stinking armrest As standard would you please um other Than that though that's really my only Complaint inside these cabs this one Does not have a radio it's got The Knockout for the radio you can add that In it does have speakers for the radio Back here so you just put one of those In honestly I never ever ever use the Radio inside any of my machines that Have it I don't use it inside the wheel Loader the skid steer the tractors the Ranger I don't use the radio and Anything so it's not a big deal to me It's nice to have I know I got a buddy Just down the road that got an l6060 and You know it's got Bluetooth in it even And he doesn't like that he doesn't like The radio so you know i' I'd be curious I guess what you guys think about that Leave a comment but is the radio worth

It in here I put on headphones and or Airpods one or the other and just listen To music or to an audiobook anyway so no Big deal for me uh all your HVAC Controls are there dome light all your Vents are up top I think it's pretty Cool if you guys know it but there's a Lot of plastic still on this machine so There's plastic up Top plastic over here on the fender Plastic on the seat there's even plastic On a decal that was outside Still I mean this thing is nearly Nearly New so I'm debating I have to keep a few Machines for myself this winter for all Of our snow removal videos and stuff That we do I am not using an open Station tractor this winter and so uh Chris show them that little coyote over There that's a CX 2510 that's an HVAC Cab on there too so I'm thinking I might Keep that one for my small Machine keep this one for my kind of Midsize machine and then keep my ear Show that Kabota too and then keep the Uh the big Kabota for my my bigger Machine for all the snow stuff this Winter but we'll See you know these are these are some Real first world problems that I'm Dealing with here right now um oh Something I didn't know or notice I Guess or think about on that other Coyote that we did I think it's got to

Be the same but I really actually like This door Handle it's up here it's down here it's Down here so wherever you're at you know If you're out of the cab or up here or Anywhere you can just grab that thing And close it that's super nice it's got The same thing on the other side as well I thought that was a really nice Touch that I didn't realize was cool Until I noticed it um anyway cup holder Here some more storage maybe for a cell Phone or something another tray storage There you have your stereo auxiliary Control 12vt look at that you got Auxiliary and USB what's down here hey look at that I Don't know what this is About they must just give this to You diesel fuel handling Tips yeah we won't go through that right Now um you got your ranges all right so It's the three range that's to be Expected every tractor is going to have That in this size whether it's a hydro Or a or a Gear Drive uh low neutral Medium high all that this is going to be Your front wheel assist otherwise known As four-wheel drive you just push that Lever back and Forth um at the heel down here locking Rear differential that's basically where That's always at on every tractor does Have a split brake all right um with a

Parking brake right here so you'd push That in set the parking brake release it Something something interesting uh we Could not get one of these tractors Started at one point it would not turn Out and this system is smart enough or Maybe annoying enough with safety stuff To know that if it's in the split brake Mode and you only press one of them down It won't start it actually has a little Split Brake split brake symbol that shows up On there so lock those together and push It and put it in neutral before you Start it tilt steering okay up Down uh regen stuff in there Cru cruise Control little flasher button there this Is your Throttle up down boy I'm really doing The the Contra cheat code it's like up Down left right AB select start man Let's throw back oh what else I guess We're over on this side now it's a twin Touch pedal okay that's one of the Things about I I that I love about the Other orange I hate the trle pedal okay This is just like John Deere look at That at that it's a little bit further Apart too somebody else pointed that out And I didn't think about it U but it is A little bit the pedals are further Apart than the John Deere which is nice Because you have you know when you're in Booths especially in the winter time

Bigger and clunkier you got a little bit More space maybe just have gigantic feet You know you got more space there to be Able to not mess up and touch both of Them the forward is still on the left The reverse is on the right I still Think it would have been nice if they Did that the other way but what are you Going to do anyway loader joystick right Here rear PTO wiper for the Front uh that's a must be your work Light one there this is your defrost you Can see defrost right there in the back Window that's pretty boy that's pretty Nice Defrost trying to think my Kabota Doesn't have defrost in the back window I don't see any lines on There that's pretty nice I think that's Uh that's not something that's very Common a little more storage right there Uh three-point or Rock shaft control This will raise and lower lower your Threep point on the back okay this is Going to be for your remote so if you Had something plugged into that like a Hydraulic top plank plugged into that Rear remote we talked about earlier you Can extend it or retract it with this More slots there if you had more remotes And whatnot more Knockouts if you had Other electric controls nice seat okay It is a very comfy seat it's a a nice Suspension seat so again I mean only

Thing I would do these bolt on somewhere Can feel the the screws back there where It goes the armrest kit Seat belt I 6 foot almost I'm rounding Up 6' 3 about 200 lb plenty of room try To give you a point of reference uh Seats back as far as it'll go I don't Have any more room to slide it back I Don't need any more room but I I am I am Plenty comfortable in this operator Station if you're a smaller Operator Just fine I would say if you had an Extra 2 or three inches on height that'd Be about the max so maybe 65 66 would be About as big as uh you could go in here And be comfortable I I do get emails From folks time to time hey man I'm 6'8 6'10 what tractor can I fit and I'm like They just don't design tractors for you Man I mean you get a utility tractor and That's just going to naturally have more Space but they're you know they're not Designed tractors for for guys that are Basketball players unfortunately so Anyway um we'll look up a few specs I'll Get those to you here in just a second But that's a beautiful beautiful machine Right here and I think I think I'm going To hang on to it for a while but who Knows maybe we'll we'll sell it if not Maybe we can find some more that are Similar to it but this DK Series in General I would look into it it's an Awesome series super capable a lot of

Bang for the buck compared to the other Guys out there and I've said it for a Long time if I was well when I got back Into selling tractors I I carry John Deere I carry comoda and I carry coyote But they're just a great machine you're Going to save a lot of money and you can Put that extra money you're saving Towards the attachments because we all Know you get the tractor and that's just A start you got to get the attachments To go along with it too in order to get Your projects done and on that note if You're looking for a tractor or Attachments we would love to help you Out go to goodworkstractors decom to see What we have to offer we ship Nationwide I want to thank you for taking time out Of your day to stop by and until next Time stay safe we'll see you soon all Right going through the specs I want to Just kind of point out what I think are The things that stand out to me about This one Max travel speed 18 1 12 mph That's cruising along pretty good 45 Horsepower at the PTO 57.7 engine horsepower to be exact 93 in Tall from the top of the cab so fits Underneath an 8ft door that's important For a lot of you total pump flow Huge 16.49% Category 2 three-point hitch I'm Going to have to check that out now Thing about Category 2 is as long as the

Category 2 arms are thin enough you can Still put a sleeve or a bushing on the Pin that goes through and use like a Category one uh quick hitch on there and Then use all category one attachments Which is what I will be doing if I keep This tractor I think I'll be able to Make that work Weight with the cab not the loader 4,043 Pounds so you add that loader on Probably 800 to 1,000 pounds you're Sitting around a 5,000 pound machine Load the tires you're at 5,500 5600 PBS That's a that's a heavy machine that's That's what you want you want to be safe You got plenty of horsepower to push That weight too Loader basically 8 foot tall this will Reach with that bucket or 9 foot tall Sorry 107.7 in so basically 9t tall high In the Air to the pivot pin on there that's That's crazy and it's going to tell me How much it'll lift too that's like Crushing crushing the John Deere lift Capacity 2,474 lbs okay this is the same loader That was on that other DK that we talked About too these numbers sound familiar 2,474 lbs on a tractor the size of a 3r Footprint wise and cheaper okay and to 9 Foot that's nuts anyway folks those are The highlights there I think that's Pretty impressive

Oh hang on you know what one thing I Didn't say was how much the uh the Three-point would Lift where's that at threo three point At 24 in out from the ends of the arms All right 2716 lb that's a lot that might be more Than the 4r I don't know for sure but That is a heck of a lot of weight that's More than you're going to that's a lot Of weight anyway point being an Impressive [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Machine [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh

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