Why Don’t You Get a Real Tractor???

Foreign I don't know Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'll tell you what even though I Don't respond every comment anymore I Read every comment and I'm Blown Away by The number of negative comments I get About my tractor especially on Facebook There's all these first of all get a Real tractor that's not a tractor that's A lawnmower and I find it funny and this Video is going to be fun for me and I'm Interested to read your comments Is that a lawnmower or is that a tractor Foreign That I lay awake at night worried about What people think but I do find it interesting that a lot of People don't get what the appeal of These machines is so I thought I would Just make a quick three or four minute Video showing what these are capable of And it's not really about the specific Model I have it's just in general that I Think compact tractors are really Underrated And I thought this was going to be a Really short video and it turned into Something else because I've got over 800 Videos recorded and on my channel and I Had a hard time narrowing it down to Just a few clips Foreign Even though I leaned into making this a

Long video I'm gonna have to skip an awful lot to Show you everything like this stump for Instance As I'm sure you can tell these clips are In no particular order it's just Whatever I came across this is using the Narrow trenching Bucket from being Expanded to put a drainage ditch in Front of my driveway Whereas the last clip was about tooth Bar comparisons and in the next clip I'm Showing off the be expanded backhoe Thumb that I just gotten and using it to Sort some rocks A few minutes ago I was spreading rock With the box blade now I'm doing the Same thing with the drag Harrow this one Is from American Hero And this is the Ripper attachment for The backhoe Thank you Most of you probably know I use my Tractor to earn a little bit of a side Income and this is taking it on a job Just removing some bushes Foreign And using a post hole digger on the Three-point hitch to dig some footings For a porch I have a tendency to get my Auger stuck on this though And now I'm digging a little bit of a Swale on the back side of the pond This one is not a great example because

This tree stump was so huge I ended up Having to pull it out with the Skid loader but I did the majority of The digging with this little backhoe Foreign Foreign Thank you I'm digging this is one that I've done a Couple of videos on which is digging a Swale to drain water into the pond I used a tiller front end loader and a Box blade to remove 100 tons of dirt worked out great Now you're seeing the very beginning of Me digging out a big tree stump and now I'm gonna jump and show you the end of That same tree stump Several hours later Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Look at this awesome custom Sawmill Trailer That I got to use for a day And the tractor was a pretty good way to Flip the log when we needed to square up The other side And here I'm digging some trench for a Sewer line install I have dug thousands of feet of trench With this backhoe This is one of the toughest stumps I've Ever ground out it was well over six

Foot wide plus the run out and it was Right up against the fence Should have been five or six hundred Dollars and I didn't charge half that But I did get it done This is a job I did for a family member Who needed a better place to park and Didn't have a lot of money to spend on It being able to do that for people is One thing I just love about having Equipment I like to be a problem solver Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you And when you get done with all that you Try to put your attachments up as neatly As possible I really appreciate you guys taking the Time to watch this video I'll put links On the screen to a couple more of our Videos and I'll see you next time

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