I get a lot of emails asking to help size an attachment to a tractor model. And I know the answer for most without even thinking about it. But sometimes I need measurements and weights and specs. And with that information, you too can size the attachment to your tractor. So today I talk about customer who wrote in asking if the rock bucket he bought would work for his tractor. Short answer, it wouldn’t. And I use this customer to explain how to think about this topic.

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But if you contact me and email me for a Recommendation before you buy a product I will I will guarantee that it will Work for you that the right size Attachment is going to be recommended I Bought a Titan 60-in Rock scooper bucket That weighs 778 lbs which I'm receiving This week from Titan hey keep it down June is my John Deere 2025r tractor going to be okay handling The rock bucket And can I use the rock bucket with the Back hoe on the back okay so 778 lbs so First of all I want to state that you Know I've been thinking for a long time On on some way to to offer this and do This I want to lower the risk for Customers I want to lower the risk for Myself and I am very comfortable doing This um we'll probably put it up on our Website at some point but if you watch This video you can reference this at any Point in the future but if you Contact me and email me for a Recommendation before you buy a product I will I will guarantee that it will Work for you that the right size Attachment is going to be recommended if You aren't sure what quick attach to get And you you answer the questions that I Ask you know if you need to get a skider Quick attach a John quick attach a Yanmar quick attach a global quick

Attach a pin down bucket whatever it is If you ask me ahead of time I can Guarantee you you're going to get the Right information on the right setup the Right size whatever it is to fit your Tractor whether it's the front end Loader or the three-point hitch Sometimes that means I'm going to send You diagrams for you to verify because I Can't physically measure all the stuff And I don't have the time to go through And measure every single thing that you Have or research it all online a lots of Times the information isn't there but I Can certainly give you the information So that you right there with your Tractor and your attachments can measure Something if you need to or uh look at a Pin size or determine what kind of quick Attach you have I can give you the Information and I do that for two Reasons number one It's very timec consuming for me to do That when I don't have all the Information way too much back and forth It's very tedious and cumbersome and Number two it makes you a smarter Tractor owner you get the information That you need you get to understand Better what I'm talking about and in the Tractor world and for you to be a a more Knowledgeable tractor owner for your Equipment that you have down the road And future purchas purchases that you

Want to make you're going to be more Comfortable and more confident in that As well and so those are the couple of The reasons there one selfish I don't Have the time to to make you smarter With your own equipment down the road Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rimgard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest Allnatural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at rimgard Solutions.com so anyway on that Note the first thing that I realize or Read is 778 lbs which I'm thankful that He put that weight in there makes me Think that he has a little bit of a a Question mark the downside is he already Bought the attachment So he also provided his Tractor Model a John Deere 2025r which lifts it has a it Has a same series loader as the John Deere 1025r so it's got a 120 loader on

There round numbers it lifts 750 lb at The base of the loader so not out here It's not lifting 750 lb it's lifting 750 Lbs way back there at the go to the end Of the loader arms way back there is Where it's lifting 750 lbs so off the Bat it's not going to work right so the Bucket that's on a 10 or on a 2025r Weighs 180 200 lb somewhere right around There he's getting a bucket that's Literally almost four times the weight And then that's empty that's not even Putting anything inside it and then Wondering if the setup is going to work For his tractor and I flat out told him That's I I said it's way way way way Way in parenthesis did I emphasize that Enough way way way way way too heavy for Your tractor unfortunately that didn't Hit home with him because he came back And still asked me if he put more Balance weight in the back of his Tractor if it would work or not and so I Explained that your your only lifts 750 Lbs at the at the pin at the base of the Load arm like in a perfect world and That's less than what this bucket weighs And then what are you going to put Inside it to lift up you're not going to Have any capacity to put in there either And he came back and said well they've Got a 600 and some pound version that's A little bit smaller and I don't know if You know sometimes I am too direct with

Folks and I I don't take the time to to Mention all the details but Tell me if I'm wrong if that if that Seems to make sense or not you know 600 Lb on a loader that lifs 750 lb is still Way too heavy I mean if your standard Bucket only weighs 200 lb and then you Can fill that full of another two three 4 500 lb of dirt you're getting to your Max weight so I mean if you want to have Any usable capacity inside the tool and That could be with a bucket it could be On set of pallet Forks it could be a Grapple anything that's going to pick up And carry a load you need to have enough Capacity Beyond the weight of the Tool to accommodate that load So this is why I I started this off by Saying if you contact me ahead of time I'm going to set you up the right way Because now he's got to try to to get That thing it's in trans it to him he's Got to try to turn that thing around and Get it sent back to Titan I asked if he Talked to Titan ahead of time and and he Didn't um but I I I it's just a bad Situation for a customer to be in and That's you you honestly you see that Even on local dealership typee stuff as Well I still get emails like this man my I just had one last week actually I wish I could find it a guy bought a grapple The grapple was the same kind of

Situation it was like a 6 or 700 lb Grapple on uh I think it was like a 20 32h hour or 20 38 hour if I remember Right and that is way too heavy for that Size of a tractor you're just using it's Overkill the the tool is overbuilt There's nothing you can do with a Tractor that small to damage a tool That's that overbuilt and it's just too Heavy to be able to make it usable and There's going to be too much Steel in There too much support it's for a much Bigger tractor like a four series Tractor or uh a mediumsized skid steer Even it's just the wrong size tool and That's something that um I would love to Have a feature on our website where you Could plug in your tractor model number And it would spit out all the compatible Attachments for it that would be a dream Of mine but unfortunately to implement That kind of a functionality would Probably it it'd be somewhere in the Ball Park of 50 to 75 grand to do that It would be an inane amount of time to For coders to create that kind of Functionality just weeks and weeks of my Time to go through and identify the Right size and model of all of the Variations that are on our website and What tractor makes and models it'll work For and so it's a lot more efficient for Me just to have you email me ahead of Time and of course I would love it if

You're going to buy something from us But if you're just looking in general on Your shop and other websites and you Can't get the information I can still Give you a quick answer so that you know If you're looking for a snow Pusher or a Grapple or uh a Roa Chiller or whatever It is for your friend and L three-point Hitch I would much rather have you set Up for success and getting the right Tool the first time than spending your Hard-earned money on the wrong tool Being stuck in a bad situation where you Have to send it back or try to sell it Off for a loss and then get the right Thing and you know and and honestly Sometimes we have folks that email us I Give them the information and then they Still order the wrong thing so you can Only do what you can do you can control What you can control but if you take my Recommendation you're not going to go Wrong now he is thinking along the right Lines with Ballance weight right if I Have a really heavy attachment on the Front end loader is my big back hole on The back going to be enough to offset That and yeah it would be I mean just to Lift it up off the ground a little bit If you can do that but it's it's not Going to make you lift more in that Sense right it's not going to because You have a if you had 2,000 lbs of batt Weight in the back end hypothetically

You probably even couldn't it's not Going to allow you to lift 2,000 lb with Your front end loader on a tractor that Physically can't do that right there's Still just the limitations of the the Equipment and the Machine that come into Play so anyway this is just a real world Example of trying to help a customer out And man I wish it was just a few days Earlier that he had contacted me prior To getting that order plac there and I Could have just steered him in a better Direction and and saved some of that Headache but at least now it's it's not A used piece of equipment he's not going To be able to be trying to use it and Then have to go through the return Process he might be able to get it Rerouted and sent back before it even Shows up and at least minimize the Headache there and then hopefully find a Right tool we actually did we we found a Right one from a different competitor That I still don't sell um but that's a Much better fit for his size of a Tractor and I think he'll be Exponentially happier with and just a Win-win all around now on that note we Would love to help you out and if we Have the right attachment for you love To earn your business we ship Nationwide So we have attachments for the front end Loaders and the three-point hitch maybe Not everything but but darn close to

Everything you might need for your Tractor so check out goodworkstractors Dcom I want to thank you for taking time Out of your day to stop by and until Next time stay safe we'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh

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