Will A Compact Tractor Pull a Breaking Plow? Bottom Plow

Hey welcome back to the channel I'm Going to try to answer a question that Has come up quite often on some of the Forums and some of the questions I've Had asked me in my post and we're going To plow our attempt to plow our garden Our future garden now this is the Question will a T474 pull a two bottom plow this is a Fairly large plow it's two bottom but It's got 16 inch Cutters so we're going To be cutting each time we go it'll be a 32 inch swash I don't honestly know our Tractor has loaded rear tires it does Have industrial tires which are not Ideal for farming and pulling they're Kind of a compromise from like between An AG tire and then you know tearing up Your yard kind of stuff however we're Going to give it a shot Faster You can the 474 pull this I don't Actually know this tractor is really not Set up uh it doesn't have draft control So that means all movements I will have To control myself and that's a that's a One drawback the 574 and the 494 which Is the step up from this one uh they do Have draft control what draft control is Is as you're dragging the Implement Along in the ground if the pressure Becomes too great it will automatically Lift the Implement up very slightly to Release the pressure so that means

You're not speeding up slowing down Speeding up slowing down the tractor's Doing all the work and it's keeping you Moving along and keeps production up This tractor here is what I would Consider be still in the compact tractor Market for sure and that's one of the Features it does not have it does not Have draft control now that's not a big Deal because I am used to using the Three-point hitch up and down uh to Control the the Implement so you can Still do it you just have to do it Yourself so this is the new portion of Our property well this is the new Property we bought and it's got a pretty Good sized pasture out front here and Tanya has graciously taken over all of That side of the old garden and but She's also said that I could have some Garden here yeah she couldn't have a Patch she's pretty much taken over the Farm and telling me where everything's Going to go I have a little I can have a Patch I can have a garden patch we're Not going to tell the whole whole field Listen I'm turning this whole thing over You watch So guys I don't know uh if the 474 will Pull this we're getting ready to find Out I do have the three-point hitch set Up pretty much what I think is right now If you've never used a breaking plow Before the first path is the first one

Is the hardest and then you drop your Tire over into the other path and and it It levels the plow out so if your first One's going to be the the hardest one And then after that we should maybe do a Little better So I'm in low range I'm in low range four-wheel drives Engaged and what I've done is I found me A point that I'm going to aim at because If not you're going to end up doing this All up and down through there so I got Me a point I'm gonna go basically to the Top of this hill and that's probably the Size of the garden All right wish us luck For horse fires up there we need more Horses [Music] [Music] All right so we've got the first run Made so I'm going to drop this first Wheel or the this side the right side Wheel is going to drop off into the Ditch that we dug and basically what That's going to cause it's going to Cause the travel the tractor to turn so It's going to dip to the right which in Turn makes the plow now level because we Had the the plow turn the other way and That's how from here on out we'll we'll Plow and keep it level I was really impressed with how this Works

[Music] I do make some adjustments later on with The top link uh kind of leveling this Out I'll point that out later on the Video but sitting here watching the Video I see that the uh the plow is Still tilted to the left just a little Too much I probably should have extended My right uh lift arm a little bit more To level that out to the right It made sense [Music] [Music] So if you guys see anything I'm doing Wrong please feel free to leave a Comment I am no Professional at a plow I used to do it a Little bit when we was kids but you got Younger on the farm but Seen a lot of it done and it's not done A lot of it I think it's turned out pretty good I'm not even had to do anything special With the tractor the 474 is just ripping Through and that's got a lot to do with Our soil type maybe your soil type won't Be as as forgiving So I couldn't start in the middle you Know I could have started my middle and Work my way out going back and forth Um I just you know no bigger than this Is it's just easier to go around [Music] [Music]

All right now Tanya's gonna do it just Drop it drop it down and gas hold the Gas all the way to the floor I'm having her do this so that I can see How the plows performing it looks like I Could go down in the back just a little Bit more It's not bad but So here she comes for her second path This is the second time she's ever used A plow now what I did do is I went over To the Tractor and I lowered the rear Using the hydraulic top link I lowered It down just a little bit Now she's dipping that front wheel in There in the track It's really important that you start Straight That's All the way down Oh yeah that looks a little bit better Just drop that back down a couple of Inches She ain't messing around now Here girl I'm so proud of her [Music] All right she's lining up just gonna Drop that wheel off in the last plow cut I'm doing my best guys on this camera I Am no Pro Dropped it in The cultures are really doing good Starting to throw the plows are starting To shine up now so they're starting to

Throw a little better Now she won't get my tractor back By leveling the plow from front to rear You can really see that it's doing a Much better job but I do I do still Think that I should drop the right lift Arm a little bit down to level it out From left to right [Music] Gizmo's watching ever pass Look at her she's a natural [Music] [Music] Hey I'm gonna answer a question that I Know I'm gonna get and it's to answer Your question is going to be will the T25 pull this plow and I'm gonna say no Right off the bat no it's not going to Probably could pull it with by the Weight but the rear arms are not long Enough this plow has got a big culture Mount on the front where the front Culture is mounted Um yeah that's that's not going to work Not for the T25 it's just not a big Enough tractor All right so this is the first time Running a plow what do you think I mean I know you didn't want to do this you Wouldn't plan it on it I kind of threw It on you yeah I I wanted to see the Plow with my eyes and I'm glad we did Because they had the back of the plow a Little bit too high so whenever you got

On the tractor I moved the plow the back Of the plow down the second plow down Just a little bit about two inches and It really started throwing the rolling The dirt over I like it I think it did Good though well I didn't expect to do One last but uh it's definitely Different than handling the man basket Oh sure everything is but you're growing Look at things you you know you used to Wouldn't even touch a tractor no and now You're plowing you can plow Fields now I Don't want we'll hire you out I don't Want to apply we're gonna hire out who Thinks we should raise your hand if you Think we should hire Tanya at the Plowfield oh listen anybody have any Questions about the t474 pulling the Double bottom plow like I said these are 16 inch uh Cutters so that's you know That's pretty good sized plow back there So 32 inch wide cuts and you know this Is a hard clay it is we're a little bit Damp so it made it go through a little Easier but I think that answered the Question the tractor didn't even Struggle I think it would Don't tell anybody but I think it would Pull a three bottom plow Guys I appreciate you watching us here I Know we're babbling on a lot that's us Right here this is this is us so is the Garden too big Uh it's a little but it's still

Manageable because I don't want to have It too big a plot and not be able to Manage it so when she leaves I'm gonna Get on the tractor and I'm gonna I'm Gonna turn the whole thing under or have We're going to have corn from here to The next County over listen guys Appreciate you watching the channel God Bless have a great day bye Oh Baby I Love Your Madness it's so Incredibly beautiful [Music] You shine like gold so selfless

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