Will firewood cure during wet winter months?

Hello Rob here from Flanagan Homestead If you've been following my channel you Know I've had a firewood stand a Roadside firewood stand down here that Uh has some Joys and Sorrows I've been Selling a lot of firewood I'm doing well Financially but I have had a couple Theft issues but I plan to keep going on But one of the issues I've had lately is It's now February and I had some wood That I cut last summer but a harder wood If logs have been down for a while but They hadn't been cut up and they weren't Quite cured so I've been raiding my mind And my wife's firewood pile to sell off And I don't I want to make sure that I Have enough firewood to get me through March and April before things really Warm up so I need to get more firewood So I've been hiring a friend who has a Firewood business to buy bundles from Him to fill my stand and then obviously The profits are a lot less if I'm paying Him I think I've been paying him 350 a Bundle and then I'm selling them for Five Um but uh I did when I had the wood Splitter here and I stacked myself this This uh shed is quite long and uh I've got What is this eight 18 feet this way by 16 feet this way a fire would stack Under here I had split a lot of these Smaller four firewood bundles and uh the

Smaller they are the more they'll dry And I think because they weren't uh Freshly cut down when I started working On them but they may uh be getting cured Enough But uh I I can put these in the firewood Stand and so I brought my moisture meter Out we want to be below 20 at least and So to get a true reading you got to Split this in half Well Okay we got it split in half go on the Part that was on the inside So we're getting really close I don't Know if you can see that we're at a 19.4 So this piece you know I like it Actually to be more like 17 16 or less But uh This is under the 20 that they say you Need to be for fire right uh that Doesn't mean all the pieces are I want To test a bunch more pieces and see if This whole stack is under 20 and if it Is uh I have already agreed to buy one More load from my friend and then after That If this is dry enough I'll just start Bundling this up I've got three rows of 16 feet long of Cut this size and so we should be be Good there I've got well just out of Curiosity there's another row of the Tree that was down you can't see all of It behind the tarp there that that was a

Tree that fell down in our winter storm A month ago or no a few weeks ago and it Is now been cut split then small bundle Size and stacked and I'm going to leave It uncovered for now it's going to be Getting direct sunlight in the summer And a lot of air and then before the Rainy season starts I'll get this Covered up and keep it dry There's a black spot [Music] 17. Foreign So uh yeah even though it's been winter And this is a very wet climate we've Kept it dry And uh tried to make it so Eric can move Through here a little bit and it looks Like everything's curing out so I can Start selling it Pulled this piece out it was a larger Piece and a little bit lower in the Stack and so there's more wood stacked Tight around it so I'm guessing if any Of them are a little bit more moist and Not as dry as I want it'll be this one Yeah unfortunately this is 24 right here This one can't go We've got 18 feet across this way Oh Thank you And lots of rows here Left space in between each Road and lets An air travel through as we went

All right almost all the stack tested Out uh really well there was one piece That was over 20 percent most of it was Significantly below 20 percent uh most Of it was at least 17 percent or lower So uh once I sell out the 56 bundles or Whatever it is that my friend is Bringing up to put in my stand I will Probably start bundling these myself I've got a couple cords of this ready to Go I will continue to use my moisture Meter as I go on the ones that I think Might be a little bit moist and making Sure that I am giving dry cured wood to My customers But uh looking forward to making more Sales Thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees on the Business teaching including Horticulture Is my job and outdoor projects like my Firewood stand are my passion hope to See you again soon be blessed everyone

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