WILL IT START? Spanarci Zeta2000 Battery Jump Starter

[Music] Hey guys welcome back to Wood Street Farm I'm Phil and today I've got a new Tool to share with you I don't do many Tool reviews especially not anymore I Get requests all the time for different Tools and parts and accessories just all Sorts of different stuff most of it I Turned down but this was something I can Use right now uh Springtime is here We're going to need to start mowing some Grass my mower's been sitting out all Year all winter I know the battery is Stone Cold dead so we are going to try Out this new jump starter today let's First unbox it go over the instructions Make sure you know how to use it and Then we'll give it a shot here we go Open up the box here I actually open This up at home because I wanted to make Sure we had everything we needed so some Of those packaging is already removed I've also already charged this it comes With a couple cables which I'll show you Here in a second but here's your little Input and it just takes a regular USBC As the input to charge it so what's a Common phone charger for many phones on The market can also charge this up it Also has a USB out so you can charge Your own phone and that's the regular Old style USB and the USBC is both in And out so pretty much any device you Could get away with using this as a

Battery bank or as a charger and it's Also got a built-in flashlight here on The front A couple different settings Strobe and all that okay Says right here on the little indicator That we are charged at a hundred percent I haven't removed this film yet so maybe You can't see it 100 we are charged and Ready to go This is the box with our cables There's our regular USBC on both ends There's our traditional USB to USBC for Charging a device And then we've got our jumper cables Which will plug into the other side of This thing It's actually in a little Door labeled jumper cable There we go Just like that So here is my little mower I brought the Instructions with me we might need to Use an extra function that's called Boost mode in there and I guess that Just sends a little extra juice to the Battery it may give us a yellow Indicator on the jumper box here and Um that's an indicator that we need to Use boost mode and we'll just hook it up Here see how it works Foreign [Music] You can see that but as soon as we

Hooked it up we got the green light that Says start we don't have the yellow low Voltage indicator so we should just be Able to fire this thing up now Unfortunately this thing has a seat Safety so I need to get this thing out Of the way So I can get in the seat and see if we Can make that happen This can maybe [Music] Maybe Go right there you can go right there We can bring this back [Music] Okay Joke These on the way out More joke How about that All right I'm gonna let that run for a Little bit now that tiny battery and That tiny engine might not really be Much of a test for this but the old blue Tractor over there hasn't been run since I don't know last June eight nine months Ago I know it's dead it's got to be dead and Uh this time I'll actually show you that It's dead it's probably not going to Crank and we'll hook this up and see if It does anything the jump starter did Something on the mower because the Charge that displayed on it went from

100 down to 97. forgot to show you that Before but I'm not going to do any Editing here for the next minute or so I'm gonna hop on the tractor see if it Starts without the jump starter I'm Reasonably certain it's not and then uh We'll hook this up if need be which I'm Pretty sure we will [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign I've got nothing on the dash Nothing at the key Let's see How this goes That is quite corroded Positive over here Negative over here Now this time we've got the yellow start So I think we're going to put it into Boost mode And I need to push power and light Simultaneously We get this thing on there well All right Okay we're in boost mode We're gonna set that right there okay Two percent Well how about that now that's a test That big old 50 horsepower diesel is a Lot more to crank than that little mower And you saw what it did we put it in the Boost mode

And pretty much right away it fired Right up uh at least that's as quick as That old tractor fires up so I'm sold Worth it Glad I have it I've got old red truck Down the hill which I'm certain also has A dead battery hasn't been running Months and you know batteries go dead Around here all the time so we need this Anytime I review a tool or show a tool That I use I always put a link to Amazon If it's available on Amazon and of Course if you buy through those links on Amazon you support the channel here so I Appreciate that you'll find the link to This jump starter in the description Below I'll also pin it as the top Comment as well just to make it a little Bit easier for you guys but I'm Thoroughly impressed a lot of times I Get these kind of No Name tools and you Just never know what you're going to get But if it starts that big old tractor it Will start pretty much anything you need To start so uh that's gonna wrap it up For me today guys thanks for watching I'll catch you on the next video bye

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