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Foreign Welcome back to the channel today we're Going to be working on extending our Fence for two reasons we're going to add In another post that's tall so we can Put a camera on it and the reason we're Going to do that is we are now Installing our solar system and you know We don't we've not had anything stolen Out here but I just want a little bit More fence so it's funny how a fence is A barrier to the Mind anybody can go Through one of these wood fence in just A few seconds however it just keeps People from moving on and it's not it's Where they can't easily pull off the Road and maybe get to our solar stuff so Let's get this today we're only going to Install four four posts in the fence to Four posts and let her swing around here And you can see Oh the wind is blowing today I'm about To get blown away We still got a long way to go Get my where you at buddy So we'll keep this going pretty straight This is actually probably the point we Should turn if we're going to turn the If we're going to turn the fence in any Direction that would be the point to Make the turn Now we got to go behind that light pull Up here Anything further out of City

This will get us a starting point Let me go get the hammer and the steak I Need you to stand off to the side Straight up and down Yep I'll take that I will go I'm going to go back here and Stand from way down here Demo doggy look at you go He's all excited mom Like he's ready for a walk So we're just going to add two sections Of fence today Yeah This has all been done eight one one has Already been called Uh we we called earlier if there's Nothing out here There's Lions over there but Anything behind the power post all the Way down to the next property there's Nothing out here Thank you So we'll make sure there's nothing That's uh Like a little stick or something down Here Touching So here's a funny story If you look down our fence there's One post that is out of out just ever so Slightly And when we were doing the measurements Gizmo had leaned up against the I had Laid on the

The string and pulled it out and we had No idea that it would we just didn't see It because he was further down it's one Of those things so now we have a we have A post that's probably I don't know Two inches forward and that's because it Gives my doggy I blame it on you buddy Yeah blame it on you It's not a fence yet All right so go ahead and we're just Gonna do Two posts so we're gonna go eight foot And 16. So here's Eight foot Foreign Good All right All right here we go I will You don't got anything there's nothing On this side of the I need to tighten up the rear end but I Mean the uh Stabilizers but I'll grab the shovel in the poster Diggers When we walk 30 feet 30 times over here To the building Foreign Let's go into the next one Let me get it started What look like

Four I can't hear you I know I've seen it he's just not Wanting to pull his own weight he only Got one chicken strip today so he's not Doing anything extra So now I need to do a uh To clean those holes out and then go get The post And this new grapple you can't do uh I Can't clamp it like I was before So we have to hold hold it up high And then flip it off into the hair Because that's just gonna be the one With the Height We really got off on the hose No I guess that's pretty Oh shoot you know what I did Yeah I got off them hoes big time Because the this the string is the out Front of the post So we're supposed to be behind it The hot center it's gonna be all right Angle No it won't It won't be all right to have two posts Wasting it out way forward let's go from This line it goes that way It's not straight land anyway Yeah but if when you look down through The front of our fence it looks really Straight if we do this we're gonna have Two post sticking way out forward

Yeah not hard like before Foreign Do you want to get two of those boards Yeah So I take a lot of grief on our channel From people that don't like new things Or they're not going to try new things Fast 2K seems to be new but it's not Been around for about 25 years and we Have had so many comments uh telling us That our stuff's going to blow away We just had 80 mile an hour hurricane Force winds in Tennessee and we Literally are the only uh Farm in this Area that did not have damage our pole Barn is fully intact our new Greenhouse Is fully intact and all of our fence is Fully intact our Sawmill shed is fully Intact so uh You know I hate to be a child but nana And a boo boo So we had horrendous winds here we were Out out of current the farm out here we Didn't have power for about five days And roofs were blown off their other Neighbors around who had fences put up And you know new fences like last year And they were completely blown away I'm Just Fast 2K has won my heart and uh just Absolutely won me over as a A tool You're filming me manual labor to Document this

I'm putting my String up you know we've done this other Piece down through there and you get the Rhythm you know you figure it all out Well this string here We come in this morning just pop the Sticks down where we're going to drill Forgot to move them over for for two and Three quarters inch to be Center And uh so now I had to go I got to do I got to do make the hole bigger All right What could go wrong Foreign I did we were going to do something else With it but It ended up being okay Huh they can't hear us No this actually got the little they Call it a dead cat for some reason a Little fuzzy thing Okay Huh I don't know some dude just showed Up Right yeah he got a beard he's cold Can't be all bad it's got a beard Had a sergeant major well he was Something sir major Batson never forget Him He was ewans but then people respected Him now But he would We would literally be in the middle of Nowhere and that man could come up with

You know steak hamburgers And we're like I still don't know how he Did it but Probably didn't want to know probably Not It's our major bats and I never get him All right a new post here this is our Big post we're gonna Mount the camera And the and the light on Put a little on this side and come Around Put a little on that side it's better if You do it on a little on each side On all four sides that helps it uh When it when it expands it doesn't push The post one way or the other Lesson learned Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Thank you Foreign Foreign

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