Will Small Tractor Grind Hidden Oak Stump | Stump Grinder

Thank you [Music] Hey welcome back to the channel we're Going to play with a stump grinder some More we're going to make this a separate Video it's kind of a separate subject we Cut up a couple of tulip poplars here That were one was like 20 inches and Diameter that was like 18. it took like Seven or eight minutes but over here we Have a stump that was cut down uh Probably 18 or 20 years ago it's Oak and I run the forestry musher over it and it Was still pretty dug um You know difficult it's pretty much in There so I think we're going to try to Knock that out real quick Um this is this is Oak tulip poplar has Been really great it's really great this Machine just it went right through it Like butter so I'm really gravitating Towards using the T25 with a stump Grinder just because the controls are so Precise and I can see so much better so Let's see what it does on this Oak tulip Poplar obviously is going to do really Well it's soft wood Oh So it's really hard to tell because we Ground this off with a with the forestry Mulcher but this is probably about a 30 Inch oak Stomp and I was expecting it because it's been cut

So long I was expecting to be pretty Soft and surprisingly it's it's still a Very solid stump so we'll see what it Does with this uh Let's get to it [Music] Got a little greedy Well I got really greedy with that one Plus I went right through the center of It so let me try a different angle [Music] So it's a lot bigger it goes actually up Under that pile of wood I'm just going To squish it over [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] And I'm going downhill at a heart so it Kind of makes it harder to adjust [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Music] Foreign The uh the root ball around it that was Probably six foot around So we've done some serious damage to it But it's really muddy so I feel like We're just making a mess try to get it At least six six inches below the ground Can always come back and address it Again later Feel pretty good about it Got one little small one here looks like Let's see what we can do with this I don't think that was a stump Huh Like one of those little pieces of trees Or something when they're big [Music] [Music] So I thought that uh one stump there we Could the Big Oak stump I thought we Could probably knock that out in like You know two or three minutes because it Was old and rotten that thing The stump was probably 30 to 40 inches In diameter and then the root ball We went out probably six foot around the The root ball and that took maybe what Do you think we spent 15-20 minutes on That one stump so yeah that's what you Got to run into and that stump's been in The ground for 20 years actually I think It's better and sometimes easier to cut

Off stumps right after they've been cut Down because first off you can see them You know exactly where they are and Generally you know what kind of stump They are so you can kind of plant it Oaks are going to do Oaks and Hickory are probably the Roughest ones I'd say but still I think you did a great job I'm happy With it [Music] You can really help our Channel out by Hitting the thanks button on YouTube or The star button on Facebook it helps us With all of our projects listen guys I Appreciate you watching the channel if You like this kind of stuff hit that Thumbs up subscribe and as always please Leave a comment it helps us out kind of Knows what we helps us know what you're Thinking God bless have a great day [Music]

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