Winter Storm chooses for me which trees will be next years firewood.

Foreign Here from the Flanagan Homestead we Recently had one of those ice storms That uh coated the trees with ice and Then a ton of winds so trees are down All over the place I'm gonna go check Out the damage and there's one pretty Big fur probably about 90 foot tall fur That fell across the driveway I'm going To clean that up for firewood and see How much wood we can get and it it Actually snapped off about 40 feet high 50 feet high I guess I Haven't looked at it too closely so I'm Going to follow the rest of that Hopefully right back towards the road Easier to get clean up and let's uh kind Of check out the damage and see how many Trees are down Most years I don't have to decide which Trees I'm taking down for firewood uh There's usually a winter storm that Takes the weaker ones down and I clean It find a way to access it clean them up And turn them into firewood sometimes I'll clear out a section on the property So that I can start replanting with a More valuable species of wood but anyway What is down Here's our greatest casualty from the Storm my neighbor and I built this Parking space because we're so sloped Property just to park vehicles and They'd power their tracker up there

During the ice storm This tree popped off at about 35 feet Came down And landed horizontally across the Tractor Perfectly balanced with the trunk is not On the ground Tough it's not on the ground And all the weight Went into the hood and glass There's trees down like this all over The property which you might think oh That's too bad but if you live here uh You could see that the Alders grow in Here really thick I mean there's trees Everywhere and they're grown in too Thick and so and they can't all keep Growing that so the weaker ones die off And the winter storms take them down and Uh to be honest winter storms help keep Us safe Um what I mean by that is if you if These trees that get weak and are ready To fall don't have a big heavy snow and A wind to knock them down while we're All in our houses cuddled up staying Warm then they'll just fall down in the Middle of summer randomly sometime and We might be hiking out here or whatnot But uh most of the trees coming down It's in the middle of a winter storm While we're inside and then we can come Outside and just clean things up the Trees got knocked down from the ice and

Wind And fall across the road this one's Across the road this one I wasn't Surprised because when I built the road And dug out down here I compromised the Roots I wasn't surprised to see that go Especially in the storm but then one of The bad things so I'm walking up in the Middle of the road you could obviously I'm not driving a quad here but when This tree fell You can't see it very well But this tree got knocked down and the Root ball tipped up that root ball Was holding my road together And now I'm gonna have to do some Pretty extensive uh packing of dirt in There and to rebuild this but all right You can see the Logs on the ground that I've been Cleaning up the the Top of this tree that snapped off fell This way I've cleaned it up I've cut it Up into firewood rounds and taking it Back to the house today I am going to Follow the rest of this dead snag the Goal is to follow it right through those Two trees right here follow it right to Where I'm standing maybe hook it up onto A cable pull it a little further out Into the road where I can work on it More easily and then go from there so First thing let's see if we can follow It right between these two trees

Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay Now that we got the tree down you can See why it popped off about half its Height at about 45 50 feet high The top that I already cut up for rounds Of firewood was real solid wood when I Cut through at the base was real solid So I was like why is this tree weak but There's the where it popped in the Middle and you can see uh there's Termite runs in here and there's some Rotted wood in here so this wood isn't Was definitely the weak part of the log Right here so I'm going to cut off a Couple feet here that doesn't look like It's very good just let that roll off Into the woods and then the rest of it I'm going to turn into firewood [Music] It's funny how these projects go Sometimes I brought my smaller dump Trailer 5×10 because it'll fit between The trees pulling up up here and get in Between the trees park it and I could Put the splitter right there and just Flip uh the split wood right into it and Uh I thought for sure I'd be able to get This entire log into the trailer but I Can't and part of me was like oh no I'm Not going to be able to get it all in The trailer and I was like

You know you want to get done because You're working you get tired but then The other thing is you should be happy That it doesn't all fit in one trailer Because I have more wood than I was Expecting but uh she got both sides oh Man I'm just going to have to work Longer I'm gonna have to do another trip Back and forth but uh I have more wood That's what I'm here for I do have side rails that I've built for This that extend up significantly higher I don't have them with me right here They're down at the house but uh uh I Didn't I use those when I want to have Larger loads or also when I want to put Animals in here it creates a higher Fence so the animals can't jump out uh But I I didn't bring that today this Wood is very wet and if I put the rails On and loaded it all the way up to the Top I might be overloading this small Trailer so but I can create another foot Or so just by Stacking up the wood on end and then Throwing logs against it and that Creates just enough space so that I can Hold a significant amount of wood more Just by standing these up and making Sure there's wood against the base And now I can move my load this way Foreign This is the load that I could get I Still have wood left I've cut almost

Everything a little bit smaller so that They will be firewood bundle size the People that seem to like for their Firewood bundles I've done this entire Trailer uh ready to make bundles out of It probably well over 100 bundles so I'm Hoping to get over 500 in bundles for That wood and then over here these Rounds I'm probably going to take the Trailer down dump it leave the trailer At the lower property and then I'll come Back and split these larger for my wood Stove and then I will keep these for my House to keep my house warm Foreign

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