Wood Chipper Comparison – Woodland Mills VS Frontier

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm back out with my friend Larry From Full Circle Ozarks and today we're Going to do a comparison between two Different brands of wood chippers mine Is a frontier WC 1105 a by Frontier Mainly sold at John Deere dealerships Rated for branches up to five inches and What model of chipper do you have this Is a wc-68 made by Woodland Mills and it Supposedly can handle six inch yep so What we're going to do today is we're Going to chip branches same kind of Material with both chippers then we're Going to do a comparison between how Heavy they are in the horsepower ratings And how big the flywheels are just basic Information and then talk about our Experiences of actually using them which The biggest difference between them is That one has a hydraulic infeed roller Mine has no infeed so okay you ready to Chip some wood let's do it I'm excited Larry's got a DeWalt 60 volt chainsaw I've also got one but he got the next Bigger size with the 20 inch bar on it And I brought this little top handle saw So I'm gonna run his saw and let him run Mine see how we like them [Music] In general for lemming I prefer this top Handle saw to the electrics but the Electric saws are really handy for Intermittent cutting when you're going

To make a few Cuts set it down and then Come back a few minutes later and cut Again you don't have to restart the saw Every time What do you think of that little guy I like it's got a lot of power the two Saws that I use the most I use for power To weight ratio and that one Feels like a lot of power for how heavy It is and then the 500i is the same Story so what'd you think about the DeWalt there I like it I think if I Would have rather get the the 20 inch on It the only thing I don't like about These is I wish they used a Regular chain these are a narrower chain And sure they've got their reason for it But I'm not set up to sharpen these That's why I've got to go get some Different files or But it's a nice saw We just did another video about this Coyote CK 2610 Heck of a nice tractor especially when You factor in what it costs And the size of machine and the power It's got Not too bad When I first got this I did a test to See will it really chip five inch Material And It's it will Occasionally depending on the species of

Wood it might kill the tractor and we Got no reason to show off today and try To do anything that big we're just going To do small stuff like you do every day Five inch materials firewood anyway [Music] Pull itself Always the problem with a wood chipper Is branches If it was at all it's not going to pull Down Now comparison here is The difference of an in-feed roller This Frontier wood chipper is a very Simple design The PTO spins a pulley which has three Belts that run over to spin the flywheel And that is basically all of the moving Parts the Simplicity of design means There are fewer things to go wrong Foreign Heavy built base the outfeed Chute is Adjustable 360 degrees and can be angled Up and down I really like that it has Nice placement of some pallet Fork slots So I can move it out of the way when I'm Not using it That right there is Snap it This means that feeding it is also very Straightforward there is a five inch Square opening at the bottom of the feed Chute and if you can shove a branch Through that opening it will chip it and

That is all there is to running this Oh First thing I notice right away is the Infeed is shorter Should be easier to feed that way Thank you The Woodland Mills version is heavier And it has a lower footprint and the Feed chute is down lower which seems Probably a little bit more convenient For feeding but it has a lot more going On with it Instead of shoving your material Directly into the chipping wheel you're Shoving it into an infeed roller which Is hydraulically driven that hydraulic Infeed roller is controlled by the Red Bar you see around the outside of the Chute and that's a safety mechanism to Keep the machine from dragging you in so If you pull out on that red bar it sucks Material in if you push in just slightly It's in neutral and if you push in all The way it will reverse the material Back out I definitely like having the Hydraulic infeed but it's just a Different process feeding material and Something you have to get used to having More moving Parts can also mean a little Bit more maintenance or potential for Something to go wrong although the People I've talked to who own this unit Have not had much problems with it in a Minute I'm going to switch it to a side

View so you can see that hydraulic Infeed work Thank you All right we got two piles of chips here Looks to me like it ground them up about The same Consistency this one spread the pile More probably just the way the deflector Is Other than that seems about the same to Me I think so Well let's go park them next to each Other and and compare a little bit sound Like a plan sound like a plan let's do It just some basic information the Woodland Mills I thought would weigh Less because it looks smaller but it's Got a lot of extra moving Parts Including this this wheel a hydraulic Fluid reservoir a hydraulic motor so This unit weighs about 700 pounds where Mine only weighs about 375. the flywheel on that one is three Quarter inch thick steel it's got four Long blades 24 inch wheel the wheel weighs about a Hundred pounds the heavier the wheel the More momentum it has and the stronger it Is it's it's just a it's a better it's Better to have a heavier flywheel this One has an 80 pound 18 inch flywheel but It's inch thick Steel And the knives do not extend all the way Out the wheel as much

Uh overall running both of these Just what are your thoughts I definitely Locked the hydraulic feed that either One of them is going to get the job done Uh one might take a little bit more work Than the other So when you talk about it it can Actually be a little bit of a hassle Messing with the hydraulic end feed but You don't have to hold the branch the Whole time that's the biggest thing with This you're holding on to that branch And it is shaking your hands you can Feel vibration even through a set of Thick gloves yeah And this unit's about three thousand Dollars or I think this one is between Five and six thousand dollars so right There is enough to make me say I I Financed this as part of the tracker Tractor package and didn't do all my Research first so I kind of think the Wood chipper is an afterthought for Frontier it's not a big market for them Whereas Woodland Mills Puts a lot of energy on making a good Wood chipper Overall I think I think I would say I'm Very very pleased with it I would I Would use either one of them but my Thought is right now because of the Hydraulic speed I think I would prefer That one Just general overall thoughts

If you're getting ready to buy a wood Chipper just keep in mind it's more work Than you might originally think it is It's time consuming you have to cut your Branches down until they don't have many Y's in them because the Y's tend to get Hung up And It's a good tool to have I'm glad I have One but just keep in mind it's actually A lot of work Most definitely I know like this one Here from Woodland Mills the feed is a Six by eight box but Rock like you were Saying when you put a branch in that has A y on it they will hang every time so You have to you if it's a straight piece Of board or a log or whatever you it Works okay I really appreciate you Having me out here to Play with some of your equipment we've Made three videos together about the Tractor Sawmill and this these chippers And then Larry has his own channel called Full Circle Ozarks that you should go check Out a lot of good stuff on there So I appreciate you I appreciate it I've Had a lot of fun today maybe we'll do it Again sometime sometime and thanks for Watching I'll put links on the screen to More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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