Another day, another email. A customer wants any insight I can provide on choosing between three subcompacts. I don’t give a definitive answer (spoiler, I suppose!) but I do give my thinking.

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Hi I'm looking to purchase a small Subcompact tractor and knowing from Watching a lot of your videos I'm Choosing between a John Deere 1025r a Massi 1723e and a Mahindra eax 20s the JD is definitely more money but I'm Leaning that way not sure if it's Justified as far as superiority over the Other brands being there is a minimum of A $3,800 difference in price from the Others and a value your expertise so Wondering if I can get your opinion or Thoughts thank you in Advance well you know we sat what what Was that one we sat on Chris at the the Farm show was that the was that the Massie No like it looks fake I will say look How short these RS are they are great You like the cabota batteries Probably yeah so we went to the farm Show in in Louisville last February and If you can get to that show it's every February down there um most every Tractor brand is down there and it was a Great opportunity it's the first time I'd gone it's tough to get away um but If you can spend just a day or two there It's it's pretty cool a cool thing to do When when it's not great weather in a Lot of the Country most of the tractors in the subc Compact class Um seem legit right you w we weren't

Driving these around we weren't turning Them on it was just more of a a touch And feel and sit in it and kind of see What you think about it visually type of Experience there and doing So the only one that I had a um negative Feeling about this is just personal Right this is just you I mean this is Not I'm not bashing people that own this But the only one that I had a a negative Feeling about was that Massie uh the G The GC series there which is a compact From them I I it seemed like it was very Very chintzy so um I mean I don't know Of a nicer way to put that but I mean we Looked at all the major brands that we That we talk about this channel that you That you see out there for sale and that Was really the only one that it felt it Just did not feel nice to be perfectly Honest with you so um the Mahindra I Don't really I mean a lot of them kind Of blend together too you know where They don't stand out uh you got to have Something special to stand out I suppose And and I still stand by the fact that In the sub compact world I I think the 1025r is hard to beat and I don't think It's the most capable so in fact I Talked about that in a in a short I did Recently with the coyote CS series I'm That's just one of many I believe that Will do have more Capability than the John Deere 1025r but

I love I I love the fit and the finish Of it I love the feel of it I love the The loader interface um both with the Joystick and the bucket and taking the Loader on and off if you're going to get A mower deck with it I think the Autoconnect mower deck is the easiest One of all to take on and off it doesn't Mean that it's perfect all the time but It's way easier than the others that are Out there uh their back ho is super easy To take on and off as well I just think That there's well very comfortable seat I'm tilt steering the list just goes on And on and on it's got a ton of features On there and it does it's it's Definitely a premium it's definitely More and when I took a year or two off From selling tractors and getting back Into the market and seeing how high the New prices had got for a 1025 hour worth A loader and a mower deck blew my mind I Started having folks sending me quotes For 30 grand for a 1025r with a loader And a mower deck on it and that is Incredibly hard to believe it really is I mean that is the part that I have a Tough time justifying uh in and Recommending that model is how insanely Expensive they've gotten and if you're Not using the mower deck and you're just Using the Loader then you're probably not taking The loader off very often either so as

Long as you have a quick attach bucket Like a skid steer quick attach then I Think one of these other brands is going To be fine you can check the specs out Comparing what the loader can lift what The three-point can lift you know look At the machine weight look at the Hydrolic system on there um you know Everybody talks about the service and The parts capability we've done surveys Where most of you guys 80% of I think it Was in the last Ser we did do your own Service you don't take it to a dealer For service so um if you can get the Parts even if there're ship to you well Then you can you can handle service and And basic repairs on your own and if you Need to on the random occasion take it Into a dealer to have some major service Done to it even if it's once a year or a Warranty repair um again we did another Survey recently too and most folks go to Their dealer like once a year so it's no Big shakes if you have to go an extra Half hour to go make that one time a Year trip versus a place the grocery Store that you're going to once a week Right right folks we are proud to be Sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid Ballance weight it goes right inside Your tires completely hidden we're big On safety on this channel these tractors Are just too light and Tippy right out Of the factory not only is it going to

Help with safety keeping those rear Tires planted on the ground it helps With loader efficiency and traction two The benefits of rim guard include being The heaviest allnatural liquid ballast Weight on the market it's not going to Corrode your rims like the old calcium Chloride it's not going to freeze and It's available at over a th dealers Nationwide find the dealer near you at Rimgard Solutions Anyway I 3,800 bucks on a small tractor that That pays for some attachments for sure And and so I would have a tough Time I can give my opinion that 1025 Hour is amazing I love it I've got two Of them I still own two of them right Now but um if you can save a good chunk Of money and get a good feel if you can Sit on that tractor seems like this the Right one for you if you can fit on There you know some of those sub compact Tractors are are a little cramp for Quarters for some folks um if you're a Bigger guy too and so that would be Something that I encourage encourage you To if you can sit on it you know and get A good feel for it there I'm I'm 6'3 and I'm the 1025r watching back some of the Videos that we've done on there I Sometimes feel like I'm hulking or Hawking over it it's it's Uh it it I don't feel uncomfortable on

There but I think if I was much bigger Than I am I would probably be Uncomfortable so that comes into play as Well but as far as you know making the Right decision I think that is a Personal thing it depends how you are Going to have it set up and again if You're using a mow deck on there um one Of the reasons I see the Kabota BX Models one one of the reasons I I I see Those damaged a lot with more de is Because they are not that easy to take Off and folks just decid I'm not going To and then you see the front frame of Them like where the wheels are at bent In we've had them come in like that to Bent in or wheels are broken off um I Actually had let lent one out one time a Kabota BX and guess what the mow deck didn't Get get toen off or taken off took off The M deck was on there when he was Using the loader and broke off the gauge Wheel and the whole arm everything had To have it rewelded so it happens it's The real thing we've been through it and The less convenient it is to take off Something the less likely you are to do It and the more likely you are to damage That said product down the road so um That's a big consideration I was just on The phone actually with a buddy's friend This morning who um I went to high School with him and his dad just bought

11 or 12 acres out in the country and He's looking for a tractor and He went to the John Deere dealer he went To the the cabota dealer his son-in-law Has a coyote and you know he's unsure What way to go and and he's thinking Well I got him on my lawn and I said you Know I used to lean heavily Towards an all-in-one machine and then Over time I've drifted further apart From that you know I I I understand the Appeal of having an all-in-one machine But the separation of just having a Mower deck right when a John Deere mower Deck might cost you three grand 3500 Bucks putting that money towards the Zero turn maybe you have to put a little Bit extra money towards the zero turn as Well but then you have your dedicated Mowing machine that's just that's what It's doing is mowing then you have your Tractor and more and more that's where I Lean and where I go but it is going to Cost you a little bit more money you Have to have more space to store a zero Turn than a mower deck but it's going to Take you less time right you're going to Mow faster more than likely with a zero Turn um you're going to have no Downtime as far as taking your mow deck On and off the tractor to do that kind Of work uh tractor work as well with it So weigh the trade-offs that's all I can Say I can't make the decision for you

But I think if you digest information Then if you're like me then then maybe You find one helpful nugget out of a Video and that can help you can put that In your memory bank and help make a Decision a little bit clearer and better For your needs so anyway on that note if You're looking for a tractor or a Tractor attachment we would love to help You out we sell and ship all over the Country every day of the week go to Goodworks tractors.com I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon He

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