Good question from folks from time to Time question I ask myself sometimes is Why do I add drop or change Manufacturers well there's a lot of Reasons really you know and we try to Cover them from time to time when There's a significant one that either Comes into the fold or Drops out of the fold right and I think The reasons for adding new manufacturers Are typically pretty straightforward Right so for me as a dealer number one I Want really good pricing for myself but Then that translates to really good Pricing for you guys as well for my Customers but It doesn't I I'm not only focused on Price right I don't necessarily care About being the cheapest Um I for me the cheapest has a negative Connotation with it because if you are The cheapest doesn't matter the industry Or the product you're selling you have To cut Corners somewhere and that can be With uh the materials right whether They're just inferior like on the grade Or the quality level Um or maybe they're just thinner right Maybe it's a thinner metal on there Right that's not going to last as long a Thinner gauge steel that's not going to Be as durable on a brush hog or Something Um it could be poor Wells or or just the

Way bolt together versus versus welded Together country of origin is another One I've got a few question marks out There on some manufacturers and I would Hope that the consumer is wise enough to Understand that if a price seems too Good to be true for what they're Advertising and maybe where it's made They say they're made in the USA but the Price lines up with the Chinese product Um well where there's smoke there's fire This is You know Hopefully this stuff I think everything Works itself out in the in one way or Shape or form but I get asked to you Know why don't you work with certain Companies a lot and sometimes companies Don't want to work with me I don't know Why but there's other times where I Don't have a good feeling about Companies either and I don't want to Work with them uh for certain certain Reasons so of course you know there's More that goes into it as well there's Holes that are in my lineup of equipment That I offer too right you know there's There's certain products that I don't Don't carry or there's certain products That I think are good but if I can find What's a better solution that I didn't Know existed then I'm gonna you know Kind of vet that and validate that Product and and give it a shot and see

If it resonates right I think most of The time I'm I'm pretty good at Picking and selecting products that you Guys want that would be beneficial for You that meet kind of my own criteria of Pricing quality and features on there Every once in a while I miss the mark But it's also sometimes fun to show new Products that maybe are a little bit More Specialized or maybe they are for a Commercial user versus just a Residential user and kind of just you Know spread the coverage out a little Bit more that way too and so those are Some of the reasons that I bring new Manufacturers into the fold but every Once in a while I need to get rid of a Manufacturer right and uh you know it Would kind of tie on to that if I find Something better right not that I don't Ever like to think I've carried Something bad but if I do find something That is wow came out of the woodwork and It's I didn't know about them or they're A new manufacturer or they're a Manufacturer that came out with a new Product or something else and I'm going To give them a shot but sometimes things Run their course and that can be for Quite a few different reasons you know My business is a little bit unique as It's kind of a hybrid model where I do Stock and Direct ship all sorts of Attachments to folks all over the

Country we have a huge Warehouse well Big for us and we put things on pallets And ship them LTL or UPS ground Depending on what it is Other products and manufacturers that we Work with are kind of comfortable Drop Shipping for us and so we'll do that With those that it works out and some Others are affiliate Partners where I Don't have to stock anything I don't Have to be involved in the sale it goes Directly through that manufacturer and Their website or their salesmen you Enter a discount code and then basically My commission is what I get what I earn For advertising for a product that I Believe in and then you guys handle the Transaction right through them and bear In mind that You know I am fairly lenient With well I'm I'm a realist right I Understand that things don't go Perfectly all the time with companies And don't go perfect all the time with Me either okay so the reasons why I drop A manufacturer and I think as business Owners you guys can relate to this too In your Um and your own respective companies and Maybe if you are thinking about getting Into business keep this kind of in your In the back of your head too uh when you Get into a relationship with some Um other partner of yours

Well everything has a lifespan and some Of those Journeys last longer than Others and that's okay that's just how It goes every business is going to be Different those people you're working With are their own business and they're Going to operate differently and maybe As you spend a couple years with them You realize they're not the right Partner for one reason or another and Several of the companies that I've done Business with in the past make great Products And I drop them because of other factors And number one is really poor Communication and You know it's easy up front to establish A relationship you get really excited About that and want to nurture that and And grow it and keep a good thing going But at some point there is complacency That starts to come into play and um you Know I feel I've been back burnered so When I have to contact somebody multiple Times or if I contact them and it takes Days to get an answer back either one of Those are just poor communication and That's just bad business that's not the Way to I'm a customer at that point Right maybe not just a retail end user Customer buying one thing but I'm buying On volume or I'm selling on volume and You would think that's even more Important you know as it's a bigger part

Of their business but it's surprising How many companies out there Don't take that seriously and that's Just not how I do things we are proud to Be sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com You know another uh well especially in This last couple years another common Factor is going to be price increases Which essentially Drive certain Companies to be Non-competitive they just no longer I Mean what was a good value which again Doesn't mean they were the cheapest but It meant that for what they're providing Their quality level the features of Their product and the price point all Aligned to what I think made a really Good value is no longer there or it's

Too close in a price point too to Something else that's on the market Where I can no longer make a business case for It it's just not practical to do so and I can't and good conscience do that with My customers either and so in a Situation like that it just kind of Drifts away you know there's no There's no animosity or hard feeling so To speak it's just the writing's on the Wall at the end of the day business Comes down to numbers and you have to be Profitable and if you Um your prices are so high that you can No longer even sell the product well There's no profit there that way either So that's happened to me on a couple Occasions as well and I don't make I Don't make videos and this isn't about Calling out specific manufacturers but If you saw something I don't know years Ago that was on my website or in a video And you can no longer find it well Just know it most likely lumps into one Of these categories of it's just not a Good fit it's not something that I Believe in enough anymore to represent So a couple Um happen to be affiliate Partners you Know and so that's where a real element Of trust comes into play For me every video that we put out costs A lot of money to make there's a lot of

Production costs that goes into it the Guy behind the camera right there makes That guy right there makes a pretty good Living but he's really skilled at what He does but there's there's my time Right that's involved there's Um One of limited slots that I can make for YouTube right we put out three videos a Week right now and so it's using one of Those available marketing slots for me Um time invested on the website you know All these links all this promotion that Goes on for a company a partner that I Work with we call it the discount club And that's on good faith that I am going To have a return on that so I'm I'm Starting out in the hole on that with All this cost that goes into it up front But it's my belief that I'm going to get Recoup that cost you know and then of Course well beyond that with time so I've had a couple Partners where it's Been more than one of these negative Things we're talking about has come into Play and when I have to ask to be paid What I what I've earned my commission This is like drawing a paycheck right It's for you guys that work strictly Strictly on commission it's you know That same kind of concept I mean having To ask to be paid more than once it is Just super annoying and unprofessional To have to ask that right and you know

There's been multiple times with a Couple of these vendors that I did a lot Of business with a lot they were very Successful actually They just they would say that they're Going to pay me and they never would and Then they'd say they pay me again Apologize excuse after excuse after Excuse and they they wouldn't and There's been another I've got a couple Other companies that are like that right Now too and uh they're they're kind of You know burning that bridge Um And so it's again it's a big commitment And a trust issue for me and it's not That they don't have good products that All these companies have really good Products that I work with and it's not The product side of it but there's more Than just a product that makes a Business and a successful business and Partnership and Um that's a lot of these folks don't Understand and I You know with rare exception then I Think is more of a consumer beware type Thing I'm going to leave their name out Of it but if there's something that I Think is uh worth mentioning for you Guys to avoid from a product sense and I'll let you know but this is more of a Business Partnership sense where you're Not going to see me representing them

Anymore because the other parts of their Business just you know just crumble Apart and now we have mentioned though Before Companies one company in particular that Their quality really really suffered and This happened through the pandemic and I Don't know if it's recovered or not Um Frankly I don't care it was enough where Their quality went off the deep end uh There's so many fitment issues and and Just welled up issues that things were Crooked or misaligned it was just poor It's just poor all around and for me That was like a five percent rate which Is way too high to have to have issues So still 95 or more of their product was Good you know but if you have five Percent of products especially when You're shipping them out to customers That show up there and they have Problems you have to give that back I Mean that's not a cheap That's not a cheap fix there's nothing Cheap about that it's very inconvenient To do so and when a manufacturer won't Even talk to me directly I have to go Through a distributor and then just kind Of get in the run around The writing's on the wall you know and So I'm not afraid to drop a manufacturer When that happens and it's uh it's kind

Of crazy how that goes from good to bad In one season but They can happen you know and so we Recently went to uh the national farm Machinery show down in Louisville which Was my first time going there Um I would have liked to have gone in The past but it's hard for me to get Away I mean I I do run the day-to-day Stuff that goes on at the shop and Keeping up with emails and that kind of Thing is is a challenge in and of itself And so Not being able to sit down in front of My computer for days on end It was a challenge but it was fun to see All the different manufacturers that are Out there so many Brands you haven't Heard of Um Crazy how many skits do your brand Attachment manufacturers are out there It's just nuts but we got to see some Cool new stuff may have some new Relationships that that grow out of that And so time will tell but It just shows you how there's always Innovation that's out there there's new Things always coming whether it is the Same manufacturer making a a tweak and Improving a product or a brand new Product or a new company that's coming Out and establishing themselves and I Basically I think it just proves the

Point that the only thing constant is Change right you can guarantee that Things are going to change Always Whether you think they're going to or Not if you sit there and do nothing well You're going to fade away I mean you Have to keep up with the change and some Change is good some change is bad so It's up to you to decide and kind of Sift through that and see what's good And bad there for yourself but that's Kind of what this is all about right There's always going to be new things That are going on with my company and Going on with your company uh whether You own it or whether you work at it Right this It's just inevitable And that's one of the that's one of the Funny things I think I took away from The farm show Is you know we talked to a lot of Different companies down there is how Many of those brands Still do things the old school way and The AG world where it's all with a local Dealer selling to their local Little I don't know 20 50 mile area that They're in and they don't grasp the Reality that you can sell things online And ship them to your house and those Companies I fear are going to Just drift away and fade away and be Taken out because

They're not catching on with the times That have been around for two decades Now where you can buy online and have it Get shipped right to you great products But they're going about it the wrong way So At the end of the day My interests align with yours because I Need a good price point to be able to Pass along a good price point I don't Want issues because If I have issues or if you have it well I don't want you to have issues let's Put it that way because if you have Issues then I'm going to have issues if You don't like the features that are in A product then I'm not going to be able To sell the product to you because you Don't want it and so all of my interests Have to align with yours and yes I am Trying to sell a product but I don't have to sell a certain brand Because I am tied under a an affiliate Well let's put it this way I don't have To sell Frontier attachments because I'm Not a John Deere dealer I don't have to Sell lamp right attachments because I'm Not a Kubota dealer I have the Opportunity to sell whatever attachments I want to out there To work with manufacturers and again not Every manufacturer wants to work with me But I can cherry pick the good stuff and There's well HLA is a good example they

Have Pages and pages and Pages or work saver Pages of products that they sell and I Cherry pick the small handful that I Think represent the good value you know That are that are having the pricing the Features and the quality so really That's just a little look into how the Business works and I think hopefully to Make you more confident in what I am Representing on my website and If there is a quality issue I'll call it Out right but if it's if it's something That's you know most of the products I've ever sold are high quality that's Not the issue that I would drop somebody It's more because I think there's Perhaps now a better value or again They've become uncompetitive or just bad Communication or I'm not getting paid You know so that kind of thing but That's part of the risk of owning a Business and with greater risk comes Greater reward and I love working for Myself and figuring this kind of thing Out And I'm okay taking the risk I like to Take risk as long as it's calculated and Informed and the more I do this the Better at it I become and so I think the Better value for you I can provide so if You enjoyed today's video we would love To have you tag along hit subscribe Right down below and of course we do

Sell tractor attachments so check out Goodworkstrackers.com we have free Shipping rewards and financing too I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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