There once was a pregnant lady and she Was trying to prepare her young daughter For the arrival of a new little sibling So she said to her daughter what would You prefer to have a little brother or a Little sister The daughter responded neither I'd Prefer a litter of puppies You're welcome [Music] Foreign [Music] Jacket I've got Ariat mittens on and of Course my Ariat boots that I always wear We have been working with Ariat for a Couple of years now and we absolutely Love all of their products they have Men's and women's and children's they Have work wear they have equestrian Where they have all sorts of stuff and We absolutely love it and it's pretty Fashionable I must say so I love their Tanks love their coats this is such a Warm down filled coat I absolutely love Wearing it every time we come here for Work so thank you to Ariat for Sponsoring this video check out the Links in the description below use our Codes you can save 10 so check out the Links below go check out their site it's Pretty awesome we're really happy with Everything from Marriott so far so Thanks again to Ariat for sponsoring This video

[Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you Foreign You think it's done it's never done We actually have one more strip of this To go here There's a Wrangle in here always Something There nice Cool All right so now we're gonna get these Couple of pieces of plywood up off the Ground and onto the wall we're just Trying to clean up things that are Laying around right now so we're gonna Use them as uh wall coverings and we're Gonna build a shelf out of a two by Eight that we have laying down here so That'll that'll make for some more space Yeah I was thinking right there that Wall [Music] I could probably drop the splash so is This gonna land Ah it almost fits but not quite now look Oh that's funny you hold it and I'll put A nail in it It's okay He's gonna put nail in it you can't tell How it's even that age it looks good you Can nail I think so It could like it's a little less than

Halfway all right Foreign [Music] Hey put that down yeah It's pretty good No this might look weird but we wanted To use up some of the stuff that we had Laying around instead of buying other Materials when we have materials so in Our last place when we put the addition In one of the exterior walls were Exposed so what we did is we painted it With like a chalk paint and the color Was an ash color and we really really Liked it so we were just thinking this Is the master bedroom use up these Boards put them on the wall and I'm Going to paint them that same Ash color It'll look nice and it's well I mean It'll look fine it'll look good in that Still looks very nice yeah it's gonna Look as well that other one looked nice It actually did look nice though it has All said no that's good yeah so just Watch and see [Music] Yeah it was going to be 32 so Let's make it a 30. okay 30. there's a Lot of piece here obviously I build that Out and then maybe do the winter with Zero plans so that's why we just kind of Tweak it as we go yeah it's all good 30 Right hand right you'd say right hand Swings it's going to swing into the

Right yeah right hand swing yeah okay Let's see Could be a 32. does it matter though Like well it's already built for a 30. This one's gonna be built out yeah so This can be a 30. okay so two of them Right hand swings at 30. all right so We're gonna get a 30 inch right hand Swing here just to build this out like I Said we did this in the winter and we Don't have enough plans with us we just Did it as we went out of our heads and Also like during the winter so Whatever just fill this out All the trim and stuff we'll we'll make It it'll be like a Custom chambling certain parts because The way we did the doors normally you'd Want to bump those doors this way a bit So you got like A common trim around it and everything But it'll look good when we're done so It'll be fine And this one will be this one's normal Anyway that's going to be a 32 inch left Hand swing and then here we got to build That bathroom window too like you saw Before we showed and that'll be right Hand swing 30. and that's it so we want To get those on and then we're gonna Maybe throw in like just something here So we have partitions in the bedrooms so Like when we stay here because we're Gonna stay here soon

Get a first night in that'll be fun and Then we're gonna put that shower get That shower off the ground so we're Gonna do that so then we'll stay the Night so that can cure and be warm and All that and we'll get the shower up Anyways we're gonna go Get some doors [Music] Foreign Foreign All right Okay [Music] Don't worry done [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Interior doors put up yeah pretty sweet

Yeah that's good we got a couple pieces Of that OSP up there we'll paint that at Some point Ashley before yeah we like That yeah and then now I guess uh we're Gonna get some rock saw to throw in Between For insulation in between the soundproof The rooms and then maybe drywall in the Bedrooms and Boards out here yeah we'll See we're kind of thinking maybe nope Yeah it's pretty quick and easy drywall Yeah for just the bedrooms though yeah We'll do though without behind Everything but we'll see you're gonna Check some prices and stuff and go from There but that's I think that's next Yeah I think so yeah I think the planet Will stay in here and get that shower Done yeah be exciting it's been a lot of Snow lately so most days are spent doing The plowing and shoveling but we're Getting some work done in here too yeah We get a lot of snow up here up high Yeah it's crazy how much snow you get Here yeah we're literally in a snow belt So it's like we're on that high like Yeah a lot higher than Yeah I swear yeah All right so it's Christmas so we're Here at The Farmhouse and you wouldn't Believe it we're completely off grid so We're in the middle of a big storm right Now and power is out not sure when it's Gonna come on but that's okay because we

Are well prepared and experienced in the Off-grid life so I had us very well Prepared for this we basically live Prepared anyway so to start we got the Fire going here in the fireplace room Which will definitely be awesome for Heating up the house All right so this here is our main Source of heat this is the wood stove in The basement that we have running all Winter long whether the power is on or Off it's always going it's great to have This that's for sure the next floor up Is where we have the fireplace and That's just like supplemental heat for That level so that's awesome as well Can you hear that wind it's crazy so Behind me is a little bit of wood which Is easy to just throw in the fire when It's pitch black down here and then come With me and I'll show you the rest of it Foreign So just over there is the rest of our Wood not far away at all which is pretty Convenient And we got lots we're set so here in the Kitchen I have some drinking water just Set up here on the counter so the Kettles fold up that back there is full And all these bottles are full out in The garage I also have a bunch more I Have a couple cases of actual drinking Water and then in the bathrooms I have Five gallon buckets of water to pour in

The back of the toilet so I have I think Around the house like between somewhere In the basement and in the bathrooms There's about eight of those buckets so That's like 40 gallons of water that we Can use And if we run out of that then we head To the compost toilet and if we run out Of all of our water completely then we Know there's a spring just down the road So we could go there we could refill the Five gallon buckets we could refill our Drinking water because that's a good Drinking water down there so we have Lots of water sources which is really Great and if we happen to run out of Water we can come down here to our very Convenient compostable toilet this is What we had at our last place for the Longest time because we didn't have Water either anyway we have dirt Right here and this toilet which will Never run out because if it gets full Take It Outside empty it And uh start over so that's really Awesome But the water upstairs is definitely Just like a convenience so we can Actually use the regular toilet but this Will do we did this for quite a long Time and we had it at the cabin even That we're building like when we were Building Um right now we have the toilet all

Plumbed and everything and we're Bringing water we're lugging water from Down on the stream and bringing it up And using it but I also have in that Bathroom I currently have one of these Set up in there that way if like the Water's frozen or we're not getting any Water that day that we can just use that System right in the bathroom at the Cabin so we're definitely used to Pooping in a bucket So this here is actually a little Battery-powered fridge which is awesome And then we have our big blue Eddies Downstairs that'll keep the freezers Nice and cold and the one for our fridge We've got a bunch of bloodies around the House to charge things up which is super Awesome and then this for yeah just the Backup fridge it's pretty cool I think We're uh pretty well set so anyone who's Been following our channel for any Length of time has seen this Lantern Here plenty of times before so this is a Little kerosene lantern and we used it All the time on our first build we were Completely off grid there so we had this Lantern at our kitchen table pretty much All the time it's a it's a great little Lantern and we have a few more of them Around the house which is super Convenient we also have battery powered Candles and different battery powered Lights so in the bathrooms we've got a

Little battery-powered candle we also Use Um I usually buy a big box of baby wipes To have on hand so if the power is out They're super great for washing in your Hands wiping your face cleaning up any Sort of messes so I do have them in the Bathrooms as well as the little candle And then going into the room or the Fireplace is that lights up that room as Well as the hallway downstairs is pretty Well lit up from the wood stove so we Don't really need a ton of lights around The place just with the wood stove the Fireplace and this kerosene one I do Have a couple more like I said that I Can light if I need it but really There's not not much of a point I need Two more We'll be peek again so we're now just Gonna spend the rest of the evening here By the Lantern and blame board games Yeah mostly gonna win probably not no Probably not especially it's Scrabble Good luck to me I have a word I have a Four-letter word ready to go This is a little bit better than that But not much A lot is that a word it's a word it has To be a word we say I'm gonna I go Shopping a lot oh yeah it wouldn't be a Lot couldn't be a lot that would be a Different word this is a word read off The bat yeah yeah

[Music] Thank you

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