WOW! It’s About To Get a lot HOTTER In The Cabin!!! ;)

Jokes on menstruation just aren't funny Period You're welcome You're sick [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Just keep wielding it in lift it up Oh it's slippery that grease yeah Ready Oh yeah in the middle that way Foreign Okay yeah oh strong Foreign [Music] So I'm going to return These that we never used and then These things here that we didn't use as Well so I'm going to return a whole Bunch of stuff and get our money back we Have a whole roll of wire we didn't even Use we just had cut up one roll that's It so it really didn't cost us hardly Anything to do this and in the long run It's going to save us a lot of money so You'll see just continue watching you'll See it'll all make sense also because we Did that we were able to move on to the

Insulation today And when we went and bought the Insulation today we didn't even realize But they have a sale on so if you spend 250 or I think 250 dollars you get fifty Dollars back so that's really awesome And it's only for the next few days that They're doing this sale so we would have Totally missed out on that and Insulation's not cheap so for the amount We bought today we got a hundred dollar Gift card which is really cool and we'll Go back tomorrow and buy a little more It's just you can only fit so much in The back of the truck so we'll go back Tomorrow uh get more that we need and Another 100 gift card it's pretty cool So actually we're making money by doing This we're getting money back it's Pretty awesome Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] So we got this all hooked up we finally Can charge this with solar panels we Never had solar panels Blue Eddie sent us some 350 watt solar Panels there that all fold up you saw me Unfolding everything cables packed in The back super easy super cool so the

Only thing because it goes through that Side there it's the same as like when You're doing through the car charger and Stuff just have to go In the settings on here And then I switch that over the input Source from Car Over to the solar panels So I got that sorted out now the Sun is Going down it's setting right now so There's nothing really coming in right Now as soon as the sun's back up for Tomorrow would be able to charge it with The solar panel so that's super cool so Another way to charge it charge these Things with the solar With a 12 volt in your car like Cigarette lighter and just like normal AC at your house so that's pretty cool So check out the solar panels so we got These regular solar connectors like we Got in all the stuff we've used before I'm not an expert but this is super Simple stuff to put together so that's Cool so it comes with those so you could I could have hooked this up to our System we had before too so that's good So this here is like the back of the Panels right there's where the cable Comes in And it was all folded up and everything But what's something that's pretty cool With these like these all fold up so

That's cool but something I noticed on These ones that I I haven't noticed on Other foldable ones is that these here If you see that There's actually a strap see that down There that goes in and out so you can Set it for different levels like of how You want it to reach Like our angle with the Sun so that's Super cool I thought that was a cool Feature there so this year panel model Is called a pv350 so 350 watts of power So it's 37.5 volts at max power 9.2 amps At the max current open circuit voltage Is 46.5 volts short circuit currents 10.8 amps and the temperature is -10 to Plus 65 Celsius so but if you want to Know more about these panels or you're Interested in them links are all below From Blue Eddie so you can check out This you can check out the ac200p and You can check out all the other stuff to Have a blue Eddie they have a great Company but treating this good and Thanks them for sponsoring this video And I want to talk about that 200p for a Couple more seconds because I got some More things I want to touch on so again Like we took out that wiring stuff in There and one of the biggest reasons is That we have a 200p a 200 Max we have Some various units from Blue Eddie and They already basically have everything Built in and good to go I can charge

Cell phones up here There's a whole bunch of AC Outlets here The other one actually has an RV Outlet On it so various more stuff you can do With that there's USB plugs in here pde Ones like the normal iPhone USBS 12 volt ones there Output there More 12 volt different various ones like That you can check out all that stuff Yourself too and the other units they Have but we have different units of blue Head and stuff like that but anyways my What I was saying is like we have the The Outlet's already built into this so Any power we need as far as this we have These portable ones we can move around In there we can have a charging station So we can be charging with solar power Or charging them driving around in our Vehicle even that old truck can charge Them 30 year old 92 F-150 there's a Cigarette lighter that I could plug into That and charge this unit driving around And you can just uh especially me I got A back slider window I can just run the Cord at the back I don't even have to Have it in it could be riding in the Box Charging this well I'm just going to Pick up materials so our situation like Your situation or your Old Situation Everybody's is unique so it all kind of Works in what works best for you and for Us

There's no need to go with the Conventional wire and all through the Place and everything because we got Units like this Power that way we're gonna have propane Gonna have There are tall guys we have lots of Plans coming up so just stick with us on This and it'll all make sense for what We want here and maybe it'll make sense For you and maybe something like this a Little too like whether you're rving and All that stuff too these things come in Handy and lots of different ways not in Cabins all that stuff anyways Stay with us in we'll keep the show on The road we got to get some insulating Going on here now wood stove's going in A couple weeks so that's going to be Super cool it's really gonna it's Actually gonna be super warm it's a wood Stuff right You're welcome But We're heading in a cool Direction now We're heading the inside we're gonna Start getting that done all right back In the cabin here this is the master This is Sam's bedroom Their daughters if you don't know that So as I foresaw there was going to be a Lot of crazy comments on the last video But taking some iron out Let's just clarify a couple things here

This here room And that their room That tiny bedroom there and this bedroom Here were the only things that were Wired there's literally two wires pulled Out two wires that's it we didn't like Have the bathroom wired the living room The uh kitchen dining room zero there Was no wires through any of that there Was literally one here that went to Three Outlets I believe in here and two Outlets there that's it there was one Circuit for those couple Outlets to go Over there And then these three Outlets here that's It the rest it was just boxes on the Wall that's all it was so there wasn't Like a big pile of waste of money big Power waste time and all that stuff Absolutely not it was uh the exact Opposite of that actually is that By the time we got a panel set up uh we Have pricing panels the cost to run the Rest of the wire Wireless spools weren't Even open and uh we could take those Boxes and get our money back for that Stuff so we get our money back for that Other than two pieces off a spool and we Have half a spoon of style selling or More than half a little left off that One so that's all it was so In the long run exactly like we did in Our last place if we ever wanted to run Them all through in another way because

We put that one on grid after three Years or so It was easy to have that all reroute it And back in that's not the plan right Now so anyways what the plan will be is If you watch first cab it'd be similar To that but we have some cool ideas that We're going to be going out going Forward with So Just bear in mind that stuff so it all Kind of makes sense so I know a couple People ask like why do you just leave it In it was just a few those few Outlets Same here and there so That's why we just like let's just stop Over our head we'll return that stuff And only cut those couple pieces of Wires up so Just so you know it's not like we we Wouldn't have tore out a whole cab or The wire or anything like that just uh To see understand the perspective there On that so anyways just stick with it And the long run it's going to make Sense Back to the comments Samuel need Jesus or something I mean There is some crazy comments over us Peeling out even if we throw the whole Cabinet wire okay that would have been Kind of crazy But Considering what we did there

Five five five total outlets right and Two things of wire is all that we pulled Out that was it just change the Direction that's it because like she Said you want to see what she said she Literally said it all we're getting Caught up in Doing it for resale kind of thing and And stuff like that anyways gonna make Sense long run I don't want to be the Dead horse not but the comments First of all are you gonna call me Stupid Maybe use punctuation Punctuation proper spelling Uh proper sentencing so any you people That were talking saying that we're Stupid it'd be best to at least start With punctuation No spelling errors and uh proper Sentences and proper grammar basically Because most people saying that I can barely tell what you're even Saying because you almost sound Illiterate so Just putting that out there don't call Me stupid and then sound like an Illiterate person who asked grade two Education Okay Anyways there was some pretty hateful Comments and stuff like You've really got to get your priorities Right if you got freaking You're Gonna

Hate on somebody for just changing the Direction of capital this is just man It's supposed to be chilled out Entertainment it's not supposed to be Let's freaking throw rocks at this Person now and definitely Uh you know this is not in the grand Scheme of things it's not a big deal Right So like I said everyone to go back we Can sort that out but we think our plan Going forward's pretty good it's going To save us a lot of money for now we are Already good to go with powering a few Things this is just how we're doing it You can do it whoever you want long by The end of it what we always want to do We use the conveniences we got so you Know having a little bit of power for Some conveniences that way we'll use a Bit of power it's a bit of propane for Our stove stuff like that but ultimately What we always want is that if you can't Get those resources so use them while we Can but if we couldn't use them The wood cell will be able to be cooked On We have this spring close by we have the Running water on the land as well that If we could figure out where that's Coming up earlier to make sure that's Drinkable water and filter that that's That's right here 100 feet for me and we have a you know

Washroom all that stuff we'll have I'm Going to do an outhouse too and uh prime A compost and another one for that like A hunting cabin so so anyway so we Always want to be set up entirely that If you didn't have propane then if You'll all that also but And solar and all that so if you didn't Have it we always want to be set up so Worst case scenario you don't need any Of that but at the same time Why not use it while it is available so You know we get some people saying we're Not really off grid if you're using Propane you're using Fuel and all this Stuff okay whatever right but the whole Point is being off the power grid is What the main thing it is but also if The propane goes away you're still good If the you can't get gas you're still Good you can't you all that stuff right So we have trees to heat we can cook and Basically do everything off that we have Water so you're pretty much set up in a Shelter so the other stuff is just Conveniences I haven't said that why not use them so Call it whatever you want it's just our Way of doing it it's like home setting However you fits your personal situation And right now We don't need that uh couple little tiny Bits ever of wiring we started we've Decided to just change direction and

That's it So Let's give it to y'all and civil and uh If you tell us all in the comments it Ends up usually like if it's way over The top it ends up held for review and You we're just blocking you anyway so You might as well not even waste your Personal time if you'd like have if you Have total hateful comments I mean come On come on get her together right let's Be nice to each other have fun enjoy uh We enjoy everybody being here Mostly right It's like 99 it's all cool so anyways We're just gonna Keep the wall rolling we got some more Insulation we got to get out of the Truck and start insulating this place All right there's the insulation this is Now enough insulation To do the whole ceiling I think 10 bags of it Will be able to do the whole ceiling Doubled up so we'll double it up it's Our 20 we'll double it up so it's like Our 40 and then we'll Vapor Barrier that We got enough for that I think we only got one two acoustic Seal on us but we'll get more got Disabled so we're just gonna get doing The ceiling so the whole ceiling's done Maybe I'll leave a little patch Where the wood show is going to go up

Through so it's not in his way but right So we'll see what we're gonna get Started probably the bedrooms and go From there Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign We also picked up a little more of this Pretty sure we have some somewhere but I Think we do and some masks And then some glasses protect their eyes And our nose and their mouth the only Time to like it's normal to still wear a Mask is doing insulation yeah I'm ready The Unabomber remember yeah I should Have brought my yellow outfit oh yeah Right the Unabomber's here You trading it then yeah that way Not like that helped wearing it yeah Didn't make a difference no I don't really need this one right yet Do I Just gotta change the five Yeah for real I laid mine the proper way so that it Would be sitting up you laid your Sideways you did it wrong like Everything else in your life Okay I'm gonna leave my bag out of the Way Here we go big guy yeah we always cut it Down there hello what I'm doing I don't

Know It's all uh Paul last night and just my Stupidity levels gone up All those comments got your rattles you Can't even think no they made me Stupider What you've just said is one of the most Insanely idiotic things I have ever Heard at no point in your rambling Incoherent response were you even close To anything that could be considered a Rational thought everyone in this room Is now Dumber for having listened to it I know I'm stupid But those a lot of those Companies Felt stupid S-t-u-p-e-e-d-e-i-e or something I'm gonna touch this shirt in because I End up getting insulation in here hurry In here under britches it's amazing how Like just throwing a mask on yeah will Warm you up yeah Oh frigg you know what we need [Music] [Music] We're trying to avoid spend more money On strapping yeah [Music] And get it started yeah halfway to there Well like just the little length right Isn't that what we do Let me get all this not even done well No but you just staple it we just do a

Little and we pull it this way as we go Just staple it to each one of those Oh I was just considering thinking Starting here and go let's say oh I see What you're saying yeah yeah that works Too right because then it's getting the Ones that are all there Hey roll it out The knife behind you I got two And then leave a little extra for this Side too eh because I didn't leave extra You don't have extra okay yeah you can See it again I panicked overreacted Where's the stapler okay beside you on Your ladder is that loaded I don't know I brought the Staples [Music] Just leave a little dangling down here Too right yeah All right maybe I'll throw some more in You can come up this side a little more Right and then make sure it falls far Enough yeah you come up the rest of the Ways good [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Add another piece yeah Right you have the bats yeah we'll sit There right now Is that in oh it's way too far With it I can't see oh

It's too far oh yeah Okay You guys are super fun Mine are like blurry but That was a one inch throw Maybe those big glasses would have been Better I don't know [Music] If I cook this right in half [Music] Thank you All right well there's There's one ceiling done in the master Bedroom yeah so that's cool we still Gotta Throw that on acoustic seal around the Edges and everything and then obviously You know bottles of stuff but we're Doing all the ceiling right now And well there's a start yeah it's Pretty awesome so the reason why in here In Canada we have to use vapor barrier Because the cold weather Meets the hot air and all that stuff Like it all depends you live your way South in the states appreciate you don't Leave it there and then when you start Getting up like going through Tennessee And stuff there's like maybe and then You get up here and you need it so you Can actually look that up anybody's Curious about that we've had a lot they Were your comments questions over the Years yeah yeah so

It really goes It depends on your environment so You just Google it Google Vapor Barrier Where you need it where you don't or Something I don't know something will Show up you'll find something with Decent info on it eventually But anyways yeah it's all good there we Gotta go pick up our daughter Sam though We gotta roll out for now And then we'll uh get back at this again Yeah it's fine so thanks everybody for Being here all the cool people yeah Great critical comments are all good Nothing wrong with that just the crazy Stuff yeah right basically get you Blocked yeah right don't have any time If we get to it if not it's just there Because we don't have time to read all Them we try to reuse me as we can uh we Don't get everything so it's probably Some crazy in there anyway the critical All good crazy yeah might as well just Leave yeah even everybody eating so much Yeah just great I just don't want to Read watch and be mad at us yeah there's Not too many there's literally like one Or two a month like I just we just let Most things fly yeah but if it ends up And held for review yeah which happens It means you're probably swearing and Stuff too and just saying crazy stuff There was somebody it was just like Absolutely ridiculous like yeah I'm

Gonna Leave you're the stupidest Canadians I've ever met and I'm Gonna Leave unfollow you I'm gonna block you And I hope everybody follows and does it Too yeah with and also this is the that To a song with earlier zero punctuation Misspells almost everything And sentence structure just horrible Yeah literally Sam's in grade three And could have put together a better Sentence with better punctuation a Better grammar when she was three years Old So to that guy here you go yeah but he Can still stick around Einstein there And yeah yeah he can write down loose Leaf or something and mail it yeah don't Give him that I don't give him that idea Oh dear it'll be like the cut up Newspaper death threat hell yeah to us Yeah yeah [Music] Oh yeah anyways but we get a kick out of Most of them and the critical ones we Understand that you guys just don't know What you're talking about so it's all Good yeah I'm just kidding I understand like Wiring it you could wire it and put Solar on it uh lots of other people got Heat pumps air conditioning they got Everything running on it but we ain't Rich so yeah if we had that kind of Dough we probably would right but that's

All good this is just how we're doing it And That's it we just do it how we can do it And how it makes sense for us yeah So you know that's just how it is we'll Change things we keep it real here that Was always our thing right behavioral Doesn't necessarily mean we do it how Everybody else would or this stuff's Always expect us to do it yeah but We appreciate everybody coming along With us and In the end it'll it'll turn it yeah Yeah whether it's good or not it'll turn Out so it'll be something yeah we'll be Warm we'll be out eating here we'll be Able to see Billy's washer and shower There you go do all the basic stuff and Uh yeah I went on about a lot of that Earlier so I won't do it again all right Thanks again and uh we'll see you in the Next one for some more insulation and Something else rally yeah all right see Ya see ya [Music]

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