Three men were traveling together a Hindu priest a Jewish rabbi and a Televangelist They stopped at a farmhouse for lodging The farmer said I only have two extra Rooms in the house the other person's Gonna have to sleep in the barn the Hindu priest said I'll do it so he went Out to the barn a few minutes later There was a knock at the door the Hindu Priest comes back and says I can't stay Out there there's a cow and cows are Sacred in our religion the Jewish rabbi Says I'll go So he goes out a few minutes later There's a knock at the door He says I can't stay out there there's Pigs that wouldn't be kosher so the Televangelist says okay I'll do it a few Minutes later there's a knock at the Door The Pig and the cow You're welcome I really miss my burn barrel I Definitely need to get another one Foreign Easily this is the coolest unit we got From Blue Eddie so far it's a little Sunny out today not complaining it's Nice and warm but it's a little bright For seeing so I may be squinting pretty Bad so this is the AC 500 and it works Along with this b300s As a combo so this is marketed as a home

Backup system But we're actually going to be using it As our system like our home system to Run this place so it's ridiculously cool I wish you had this five years ago when We started our first Homestead because Literally everything's built into it From the charge controller the inverter Everything so it's like all in one Package good to go and we wouldn't have To listen to generators and fill them With gas it's like ridiculously Expensive and things like that could Have used this charge it with the Sun or Charge it with a vehicle or if we were Somewhere you could charge it in a wall Outlet and you can do multiple those at The same time but before I get into that Anyways it's just like super cool unit Super excited about it so it's a 5 000 Watt unit with 10 000 watt surge I mean Like getting into some like serious Power with the unit like this so this Year battery here that you connected to Is 3072 Watt hours but you can expand These like you see the plugs here You can expand and add more batteries You can actually even Add tether another one of these on and You can get over 18 000 Watt hours by Doing that I mean that's like pretty Crazy and over 3 500 Cycles with these Things so I've showed before the ac200 Max you can run it off the app well this

One here there's also an app on the Phone where you can control this with The app too which is pretty cool so if You had it our plans with this one Because they're going to run it here is We're going to build like I just have it Out here to show you it but our plan is To like have a closet for it to keep all The stuff in it and then have room like If we need to expand it so being able to Use like the app you could just be like Turning stuff on from your phone so like I said you can charge it AC solar Cigarette lighter in a car generator Lead acid battery you can charge it AC And solar at the same time so that's Cool and I'm going to go through a few Of the outlets here to give you an idea Like what all this has it's pretty crazy Like so it has like all those things but At the same time it has plugs that you Can use right on it just like any of the Portable conversations so that's pretty Cool so right away It has the charging wireless charges on The top that's always a cool feature DC Outlets here More like your cigarette lighter USBC that's like a regular iPhone Plug-in oh the sun went behind a little Cloud for a minute Another one there a couple of those Regular USBS there And there Here Comes the Sun again

I should be using the solar power it's Just that I have the cord running out The cabin so we can charge the units Inside the cabin instead of having to Bring them out we can just run we put The solar panels out on the deck and Then just charge them through a wall Outlet that we hooked up a while ago we Are going to actually try to set up a More permanent thing here soon over to The side we'll get to that later we have Uh 700 Watts worth of like portable Solar panels from Blue Eddie we've Shared before but we would like to Figure out a way to kind of set them Maybe on plywood and see if we can make Them more permanent for now but then Still be able to take them off fold them Up if we want to take them with us we'll Get to that in a future video though Most likely so regular Outlets here 20 Amp Max on those That's a 30 amp outlet There's another 30 with a different type Like an RV And then there's a 50 amp outlet that's Pretty crazy when I saw that I was like Holy man that's what I was saying like Earlier when we were first building we Were building uh our place we were Living in a trailer while we built it Because got mad release in the Army so We were building a new life moved into Our trip bought land brought our travel

Trailer down anyways we were living in There and you know we tried to keep it Powered because we were totally off-grid With it and everything but that 50 amp If we had something like this you could Have we could have plugged that in and Ran literally everything in the summer You could have been running the AC off Of this unit that's that's crazy that Would have been a game changer and then To not have to listen to generators and All that you could enjoy your piece of Quite so what was cool is we were able To build this whole place without having To run generator so that's like such a Big deal it kind of takes away from the Whole vibe if you got to listen to gas Generators running all day and then also That's keep filling them up and the Maintenance on it and pull cords Breaking on you and then it's minus 30 And just totally sucks dude after that After this year also can be used you Could actually just take care of this Battery around with you without this Also and it has a couple Outlets has 12 Volt there Couple USBS here so that's a pretty cool Thing about that too and you could use That to charge your other smaller blue Eddy units if you wanted to and this Could be charged by itself With the solar as well and you could Plug it into both and be charging at the

Same time so you see it's got these These plugs here Then there's ones like you could plug These and then that's where I was saying Like you could add more so there's Outlets like all here for charging it Communication Interface things things like that got a Message coming in on the phone it's Clearly keep it charged I don't know how I got a message on there because we only Have Saturday internet here which is Also running off of Power Station we got Everything running out these power Stations but this one's going to be like Our main solar thing that's the idea to Not have to have all the little ones Held up in all areas here we just want To be able to run it all off this then Be able to use the little ones like in The different areas because we have a Lot of other out building stuff we're Going to be building so they got the Handles on them Move them around not the latest things In the world But you're probably not just going to be Like moving these around because it's Such a big unit it's more of like a Power could hear and use it But they do have handles in case you We're going to move it around like you Throughout the house or whatever so There's a four year warranty on it so

That's cool if you want to know more Specs about this and everything all the Links are going to be down below so you Can go and check out all the specs all The specs if you have this with the 300s Together or if you have this with two of Them or if you have two of these Together and four of them or whatever Like all the information is all going to Be down the links below so you can go Check out all the different ways you can Build them build them with the solar Panels with other different little units They have so you can hook it up to like A home system that's on the grid that Can switch over to this if you lose Power there's like so many different Ways you can kind of build it to like Suit you so like all those links will be Down below so you can check all that out And get any information you want so We've had lots of blueberry units They've treated us real well we've got Small ones up to this big bad boy here Now so they treated us great love them Super pumped to get this hooked up Anyways check it all out like I said Below links below Ac500 P 300s thanks to Blue Eddie for Sponsoring the video this thing is going To be powering our off-grid cam Thank you Pretty cool eh and then there's like

Tons of power to spare I could be Running that chop saw The table saw could be running multiple Things at the same time so super cool Also Forgot to mention but you saw at the Start has the touch screen here that Gives you the battery power turn on your Different plugs and everything you can See how much charge is coming in all That so that's pretty cool again links Below check out all the units from Blue Eddie check out this thing All the different specs it's pretty cool Thanks again blue Eddie for sponsoring The video Oh there's Nails little nails Oh we should have brought that little Red handle plier nail puller yeah Careful Just remember Way a big hole Yeah Try again That's better yeah all right so as you Can see we picked up some 1×4 this looks Way better this was the original intent Yeah you just when we had that we were Just figuring maybe that would work but This was the original idea yeah now We're back I'm gonna say this so you get Me you don't plan it was like we Actually did plan for it if you don't That's what you get but not paying

Attention We just tried to save a few bucks by Going with the cheaper stuff and it just Doesn't work on the floor but everywhere Else it works and looks good yeah it Looks damn good damn good Battery dead I'm being cold I'll just Switch it yeah Chili yeah it is gone first Day Where you guys just why do I need them I'm not cutting you're nailing I just Put them in the window because I took a Break from nailing just keep the mind I don't end up blind if you end up lying I'm never eating healthy again I drink beer You eat cake every day Steak and cake and brewskies Go ahead don't wear them yeah a lot of Stress keeping up this figure Feels like there's an animal I don't Shave nothing yeah Oh yeah What's it just turned on but the thing's Not turned on oh you unplugged it Plugged in I didn't unplug it nothing When when you took the cord outside two Days ago yeah you don't say I unplugged It when it was days ago oh you unplug it It's your fault oh you did that it was Three years ago but you did it Typical women's no one asked the Timeline they just said you undid it you

Did it whatever The year the one who turned it on just Now So you would want to see if it was Plugged in or not no it wouldn't yeah Because you're stupid I know you are but what is what am I Doing it Let's see You think you don't you want to scrap The angle I do just because if you go on An angle what if what if what that's how You do it I know but what if the Fluorine's out too far there and you see It Yeah but they're gonna meet and it's Going to be the same oh they're almost At an angle and they end up being the Same yeah oh okay what else then I was Wondering what your reasoning was yeah That's all I thought maybe you would Still see the wood like the flooring I Mean But if you don't see it whatever if you Want to do it do it I think it's more Effort for who cares I don't care but if You want to I don't care honestly I Don't care I just don't feel like Explaining myself in the comment section Of YouTube okay YouTube people were not Explaining to you we don't want to do it And that's that Deal with it yeah there you go you guys Are idiots you're lazy bumps we are lazy

And we're bombs yes and that's the way We like it Jealous lazy but I just find a lot of Things pointless I think it's completely Pointless oh no if it was like nice Molding obviously I wouldn't do that but It's not I did it up top it looks no Different you're gonna see the same Scene just a different spot right but um If it was not the cabin obviously it Would do it differently but yeah all Right get a kick out of some people Though it's actually a lot of people They would be saying about certain Things like we can't like why would you Do it that way this side and then you go To their place and it's a freaking dump Yeah the ceiling's coming apart or like Random Randomness you know what I'm saying um Because you do the same stuff as us Right and separation it's not coming Apart or nothing everything's just Beautiful so anyways I think I'll do it Just to piss them off Yeah there's only like one percent Pissed off the rest don't care yeah There you go we're good You're a personalized anyway yeah what You need to do yeah you're just gonna Have a 16 foot lanyard and tie it off to That piece of trim and that keeps the Whole house tight again that's because You didn't put your plywood on

Horizontally that's why the whole house Is going to fall down yeah okay I'm using freaking 1×4 behind this trim Anyway It works fine looks good put a bed there And you'll never see it This wall next and then we piece the Next piece it right in between them So that way they just meet this piece of Just me no it's just like that one cover It I won't do the lids I'll just go Right tight wouldn't look better at a Box in it we did this wall next and then We just put the piece in here it went a Little better if I cut the 45 degree Angle well whatever But it just keep lazy bones happy yeah Whatever you're an idiot No they don't care It's gonna own it because it's like Somebody being a bad mom just gonna own It you shouldn't own it Yeah Oops All right Foreign All right So you want to do the Box in or the Let's do it now all right you just do it Leave room for it whatever I don't care I just do anything it doesn't matter no Not what it's just wood like this That's the nice thing about wood is you Can have all the imperfections

And it still be perfect it's right here Everything We're full of imperfections and we're Perfect for each other like the wood Yourself Thankful imperfections Mr Perfect I am I am perfect every By now it actually looks fine I'll knew It you can measure the next one Oh it looks damn good Cool yeah it looks pretty good yeah yes Oops are just the pencil in my head just Drew on the wall Well there you go a little piece there Yeah a little something Any little nipple We just gotta stick a little piece of Drywall in there to make the make it Work Let me do the corners There you go Right here and quicker did you just Crack fill this room off Possibly but I didn't know how sure I Didn't know how good I'd be at it but Now I know the next time I'm basically a professional crack Filler I am yes It's ready There's no thing you can't help them Before Good though Yeah yeah I like it Thank you

Foreign I had to go find a pencil because you Took yours out with you to pee Well I would except safe actually has All the things on it so you don't have To count right I'd have my own pencil Except that you put them in your ear and Take them all with you outside of here I just don't ever have any on you Oh a bit small dang it I measured that Wrong Now you can cut a hair off I cut two boards twice and uh couldn't Make it work so he had to do it oops That's too right mom was too small the Next one was too big America try to make sure it's good I could tag that one because that's a Nice spot Wow look S pretty good now we're gonna have a Problem here These are going to be shown a bit Yeah what if we don't match it because It's too high just to actually cover That to me you don't want to talk like Stupid though like you're joking around Everything but I actually don't want to Go down yeah That doesn't look bad at all how can we Get and it actually doesn't look like it Doesn't match You're still covering all these things Yeah no from when I stood back there it

Looks perfect all right you're going to Want to level it just hold that I'll tag This in yeah because I don't want to Move it Hello I love it so you see what we're Kind of dealing with here So this is Cottage grade stuff it's a Little Beyond What I would want for cottage great but So we're just trying to piece together And make it look as best as we can with Some of it because like some of the bags Are opening up are pretty brutal so Kind of yeah just piecing it together It's basically it'll still look good but Uh you know look at that The whole bunch in that bag look like That yeah so we're just piecing together As Mexican so it still all looks good so Maybe a seam here and there that we Wouldn't want normally but It looks better than this there Foreign I was staring at the screw holes you put It in the right spot it covers them We gotta make sure it matches the Corners right It's match Yeah it's not aesthetically pleasing at All that covers those holes that's more Aesthetically pleasing oh you just do Both yeah Just covers it all Right

There I'm not gonna count that one it's Not level anyway you're gonna come down Your end and I'm blind I can see that Thank you oh let go of it yeah for a Second Does she remember that's you yeah up Hello Daddy you would freaking do it after you Feel me it's like how you do it like it Only works if you can do it properly Still it's not like let's just cut this Case you skip them Ain't my bedroom Yeah it looks pretty good yeah Well it's finally warmed up That room's done maybe a Gonna cover up sometime yeah That we're gonna say it's done for now Yeah we'll get to that if we need to Right we'll just get her bed over here In the dresser and uh it's awesome and That room will be done like yeah Entirely I mean it's done now but once You get the stuff in there that's it Yeah looks pretty cool it's got that What we're going for which is like it's A cabin so there's going to be some Imperfections here and there are you Doing it affordable as we can so you Know sometimes you end up with some Imperfections in your wood and stuff yep But it's fine at the end of the day the You make it work yeah and the glass of Beer tastes the same looking at it oh

That's a wine coffee yeah whatever it is Yeah it gives you the mood you look out You see that snow coming down all that It's it has the feeling you want and It's strong and looks pretty good yeah Our channel is like very much the Keeping it real it's like like the Everyday person can do it's like you do What you can with the money you have That's that and it still looks good Though you just make it look nice though And we do it like uh we we always do it Like the modern yeah that's the idea too Right so modern you know you see us Using the blue Eddies to power stuff We're uh we're not Pioneers looking to You know do it some with you know put a Barrel in here and light the fire which Is all good if that's what you're gonna Do but you know we good quality wood Stove and power and stuff normally Normal bathroom and yep all that mixed In so it's like the yeah keeping it real Modern home set yeah for sure so yeah Yeah but so that's I think that a lot of People are like that actually I think More people are like that that aren't Like that for sure and so it's everybody Likes to go to a Cabin in the woods and whether you want To live in it or whether it's going to Be a getaway or whatever you still want To set it up over your candles that's What usually people shoot for yep but

Yeah we're trying to keep it realistic Too yeah great so yeah I think it's Turned out good we're good there we are Time for lunch yeah we're gonna have Something to eat now that it's warm in Here the sweater's hot yep that's it We'll see you in the next one Later Thank you She's hot in there

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