WOW! We NEED a NEW PAD For ALL These LADIES Coming!!!

What day of the week do chickens hate Most Fry day You're welcome [Music] Today's video is brought to you by ariad So today I am going to show you a couple Of the items that I have that I don't Generally wear while working so here is A brand new purse that I just ordered From Ariat I love it this is a super Nice bag and it's big so I can carry so Much stuff in it inside of it is a new Wallet that I ordered as well from Ariat I love this wallet I'm also wearing a Dress sweater that I ordered from Ariat That I absolutely love and my boots These Boots are awesome and I would Never wear them while working just Because they're so they're pretty fancy Looking they look great and I would hate To get them dirty or ruined while Working so I wear them to go out for Dinner or when I want to get dressed out Basically so I just want to show them to You today because you won't normally see Them on a day that I'm working but I Love the boots they're so pretty and They're really comfortable and they're Just awesome so that's my purse my Wallet my new sweater dress and my Awesome boots some clothing that you Don't generally see in the ads but I Have and I love them check out the links

Below to see all the different things That they have so thank you to Ariat for Sponsoring this video I think it's really pretty here Oh I could have done that it was just a Little snap at the end Here you pass it to me I'll take it down Those are dirty Change oh you're gonna hold it up Against that I wouldn't no okay [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Big one the little one [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Ah That would be why He's in the street It's almost there I'm just trying to make it flat for you Sorry [Applause] I'm getting bite on your face that's bad Thank you

Did you bring your hair with him no I Can go get it It's just that big oh shoot just hit him Right in [Music] Oh Scared me [Music] Do you do three or two three yeah two Three [Music] This little is going to be taller so it Doesn't even have to match [Music] You want to sit on the floor my new House Nice place all right so we got the floor Done and it's starting to get dark so Now Jeremy is going to enjoy a nice Glass of my homemade wine we're at The Farmhouse we have a lot of grapes here Wild grapes that grow and I made wine Out of it just uh in October September October I made my first batch Of wine it actually turned out really Good yeah it's pretty good right from Scratch literally all I used was it was The grapes off my Vine and then I bought A packet of yeast other than that it's That's literally at yeast and uh grapes Right from the yard so it's so cool and Some sugar yeah which I probably Shouldn't have put in but I don't know There's mixed reviews on that one hey it

Turned out pretty good for the first Crack at it yeah and this is like Farmhouse wine Ashley's Farmhouse wine He actually is mbf thermos way yeah Maybe someday we'll be able to sell you Something yeah it'd be cool to make Enough to be able to sell it I just did Like a small scale because it was my First time and I didn't know how it Would turn out but I'm kind of impressed Yeah and it's really fun It's pretty good yeah your hair on you Yeah Some of it can get you He was having our chicken coop deck yeah So the plan is to build this here for Now because we're still living at the Fire most staying over there while we're Building but we're still living here So Eventually that'll be our full-time Homestead where we're building the cabin Everything we've got a lot of projects Going but we want to get the chicken Trolling here right now so so we'll be Able to take this over there Trailer it over yeah and uh put it in Place over there Then when the time comes but for now we Can get our chickens back it'll be in a Good home here instead of like we had Bought a cheap one at the end of the Season it was no good and it was down There it flooded long story we're going Back to like uh the bulkier one we did

Before this is a good little size for me Yeah six chickens in it and rooster It'll be good we'll have a nice run for Them too and then they'll free range you Know a lot of the time as well so we're Excited and we just can't wait to have Chickens back because we really miss the Eggs we miss watching them and you know It's been you know a year or so since We've had them and we totally miss Having their eggs and just seeing them Like I said around the yard but yeah I Think it was last spring it flooded and The chicken coop you went down to Another lady's place and just became Hers and That was Yeah that was it yeah I kind of how it Went down so yeah we'll get her set up Good and able to take over there when We're done yeah this is super cool Looking forward to fresh eggs again in The morning [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Arch is broken Shoes are untied Time is a ticking So is the time But I am not worrying things are what They are Come Rain or Come Shine or a Shooting star [Music] Been to the South I've been to the north East and the West The middle of course I may have been astray but I've never Been lost never been beat by the road I've crossed I guess I've been lucky To some degree for someone who ate all The food from the tree Star's been aligned in my Mind I'll be okay

[Music] On that morning on the first day of June 1900s and something into My mom was a sweetheart my father was Too that left me a watch and an old pair Of shoes Yeah I guess I've been lucky to some Degree for someone who win all the food From the trees Stars been alive and my Goose hanging High I'll be okay in the Sweet By him bye Invite [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So we got it all done and we left this Part here open because we're gonna see If we can get a piece of plexiglass and Just put that there instead and it'll be Like a window so on this side and then Straight through on the opposite side It'll be both plexiglass it'll let some Light in there in the winter to keep Them warm as well so we thought that Would probably be a pretty good idea We're gonna shingle the top there and We're gonna side it as well and here With that really long overhang we were Kind of thinking we may actually board It in because we want to get an

Incubator and incubate and hatch some Babies so I was thinking we could build That would just be a tiny little spot to Keep the babies I'll sell some and then I'll keep probably just the hens only The layers and then when they're little Though I don't want to put them in with The main girls because they'll probably Not treat them well so I figure we could Keep them in here while they're really Little and once they're big enough like To the same sizes the other hands we can Move them into the bigger Coop so or Worst case it's a little spot for some Supplies which we would still have to Close in because we have raccoons and Stuff in the area so we close it in we Keep their feed and everything in there Anyway so that'll work it well we're Also going to build them a run so that Anytime we're not around that they can Be in that run because we have a lot of Eagles around here we got raccoons we Got foxes we got a lot of things so We'll have a run that they could stay in But when we're home they can just free Range here is the door and it's going to Come into the Run there'll also be a Door on the run to get in and then get Into here so I got some branches we're Gonna build a perch in there and we're Up for the rooster we're also going to Build a perch out here in the Run area So we're gonna head to the store see if

We can find some plexiglass finish that Up and build this door and we're also Going to get a little automatic door to Go right here so it'll just be small It'll be for the chickens to come in and Out as they please so we'll have it set To a timer that every night it closes at A certain time every morning it opens at A certain time and this is our big Nandoor it's not big but our access door To get in and get the eggs and clean out The coop and all that sort of stuff and We'll see you in the next one [Music] Foreign [Music]

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