You Can Save Red Maple Logs on OS23 Sawmill

That grain Man always had stories about the City Line and the crazy nights I figure I Should probably give it a try maybe Check it out see what it's all about But the traffic is Fast and the money Was slow the people I met Up here it's pregnant I'm kind of feeling like a small fish My friends are still the same So like Hey welcome back to the channel we are Going to cut some red maple up on the Sawmill today we need some four quarter Boards for a project Tanya's going to do In the future You guys come on so I'm going to put This blade back on we haven't used the Sawmill in a pretty good while probably About almost probably four weeks now and I did come down the other day and during The rain and put on brand new belts and The Sawmill wouldn't start and I Couldn't figure out why and I guess it's Because I haven't been using this Sawmill as much well I had the door open And the safety switch was set where it Wouldn't crank and I'm like going crazy Like what's wrong with The Sawmill it Won't start but the whole time the door Was open in the the safety switch was it Was just cracked open just a little bit And uh but still it done its job It looks like we got a good start there

And because we put new belts on we'll Have to do a track test So we'll go ahead and pull this out I have one until the frontier uses five Full turns once you once the you screw In you fill it fill the drag on the on This adjuster once you feel a little bit Of drag that's when you start your count So now we're going to do is go ahead Since we got new belts on it changes the Could change the trajectory of the blade Just a little bit So we'll just pull this new blade Through See how the teeth are tracking the teeth Need to be just right off the edge of The the wheels and it looks to be This dude is still tracking really good All right we're putting the high tech Dust collection system on you can get This for 19.95 but if you if you order In the next 15 minutes you'll get two For the price of one praying it'll start Go assistant log on let's let this thing Warm up while we're doing that Button dirty So a little bit of taper on the end it Kind of flares out but this flare is Actually sitting off of the bunk so I Think it's going to be okay You have a little trouble you can Tighten these outsides up and then grab It and give a little pull like this and It'll cause it to go ahead and Scoot on

In it's really snug to the backstop Foreign Then I'm gonna take a board Rotate the can take a board rotate again Take a board rotate you can and my Boards are obviously kicking smaller Smaller smaller but when I do it this Way it will be more stable of the grain Will be more stable it's the best you Can do on small logs like this because Eventually you're going to get to the Center where there's the pit and Obviously the tip is going to split and Not be a very stable board All right that's our last slab now we're Going to go down through and start Taking four quarters rotate four Quarters rotate So I'm going to cut these slabs up here After we get through with it then we're Going to split them in half so they'll Go through the wood chipper so from here On out we're going to try to split all Of our slabs so our wood chipper will Cut four by six these are too big we Split them in half that'll make some Really good wood chips So what I do is I set the uh The back I touch the blade to the top of The tent and then back off that that Gives me my my cutting attempt then I Just adjust this up and down right now We're cutting four quarters so there's The fours right here put the red line

Over the floor now all I gotta do is Turn it down Board He'll take you into account I think Instead of blade That grain Red maple beautiful Not too old of a tree so you don't have The red streak down the center But it'll still stand up really nice Starting to get to a little hardwood Since I messed this up I'm going to go Ahead and probably take another half Inch off of this side and just leave This as a beam Foreign Sure that's not the last mistake that'll Happen the the Clamp failed it slipped loose I didn't Tighten it up I failed actually so That's really what happened I didn't Tighten up well enough so anyway I'm uh It's okay it's got some beautiful green If you see that at the end isn't that Neat I love that green it's not going to be Very structurally strong but for like Some sort of uh design piece it'd be Pretty awesome Got this done If you like more videos like this Saying

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