I love sharing things I learn with you, particularly as it relates to business. Today I want to talk to you about the mentality of spending money on things you might think you’re better off just doing yourself. It may be the case that you have to, it may be the case that it makes more sense. But let’s make sure we’re thinking about it in the best way.

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Again this gets down to how you use your Time all right I'm very very very big on This and this is going to make a big Difference in your life too but if I Have an hour's worth of time to spend And most of the attachments that we sell Or the tractors that we sell you know I Can make a 100 bucks or 500 bucks or Shoot maybe even $1,000 on a tractor am I better off spending my time talking to The customers about those bigger ticket Items or am I better off spending my Time selling a couple of bags of seed Where I could make literally 10 bucks Same amount of time that I'm Spending much smaller return right want To spend a little bit of time Today talking about how to spend your Time wisely and I think that an Example I've used it before but probably Not in the same exact context but I Think for a lot of us out There it's not worth mowing our own Lawns and and and I like this example And you you got to look at it in a Vacuum right there's a lot of factors That go into every situation every one Of us out there is unique But my lawn out here okay it costs 130 Bucks for two guys to come out here and Mow my lawn it's about 3 acres that's Being mowed they're using two machines They're mowing a lot of trimming going On blowing off the driveway the

Sidewalks and all that kind of Stuff it's typically about 6 hours man Hours labor hours worth of work to do That and so I can pay two guys to use Their own equipment spend their own fuel Their own wear and tear their own Trailer their own truck all that kind of Stuff coming out here 6 hours of time For 130 bucks and that frees up 6 hours Of time that I don't have to do that I Don't have to be stuck on a mower where I can't do anything else I'm not also Spending my own fuel I'm not also having My own dedicated Machine and I'm not Trapped in that 6 hours of time week in And week out out where I can't do Anything else that could be in my mind Much more productive on many different Scales so I'm using this example because We can pretty much all relate to it Right but take this one Task and if you have something unique or Something different in your life that You can apply it to do the same kind of Reflection on it okay um let's round Down to 120 bucks so 6 hours 120 bucks That's 20 bucks an hour so is my time With one I can do with it with the Finite amount of time that I Have is 20 bucks an hour is that the Best thing that I can do is that the Best way to use my six hours of time you Know for half the year right the growing

Season in Michigan is at least 26 weeks Out of the year so 26 times a year is That the best thing that I can do with My time and I'm not discounting okay I'm Not discounting the folks that are out There doing this work if they're out There created a business and this is Their business model doing it I'm not Putting that down I'm just saying for me And for a lot of us out there in our own Situations you need to reflect on that And that's how every decision should be Made when you're going Through hiring out a service doing it Yourself and there's a lot of personal Satisfaction I love toot the LA I do I Love to M the lawn if I'm looking at This from what I can do with my own time With my limited amount of time right I've got a family we have sporting Events all weekend long we have Practices all the time in the evening I Have other Hobbies I want to hunt I'd Like to go fishing I haven't played golf In years and I love to play golf there's A lot of other things I would love to do You know folks we are proud to be Sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid Balast weight it goes right inside your Tires completely hidden we're big on Safety on this channel these tractors Are just too light and Tippy right out Of the factory not only is it going to Help with safety keeping those rear

Tires planted on the ground it helps With loader efficiency and traction too The benefits of rim guard include being The heaviest all natural liquid ballast Weight on the market it's not going to Corrode your rims like the old calcium Chloride it's not going to freeze and And it's available at over a thousand Dealers Nationwide find the dealer near You at rimgard so I was Reading a book not that long ago and This is kind of a um well a little Sidebar a way that I've been trying to Get more efficient with my own time is Listening to audiobooks my wife actually Got me kind of turned down to that um I Don't I don't read nearly as much as I Should but with the audiobooks you know I can pop that and the headphones that I Have like those 3M headphones or the pro Here headphones their Bluetooth put an Audiobook on Audible and I have read Listened to a lot of books this summer Using that method and I've really Enjoyed it but anyway Cameron Haynes I Read a book by him recently he's a big Time bow hunter he's done well for Himself over the years and I I enjoy Following along and seeing what he's Doing he kind of summed it up like this Though where he was using he might have Been using the same example of L moing I'm not sure but he also had some other Examples of exercising right or shooting

His bow he loves to shoot his bow and You can't pay somebody else else to Shoot your bow or to exercise for you You're not going to see those benefits But you can pay somebody else to mow Your lawn for you right or snow ply your Driveway and so if you have that limited Amount of time which we all do then you Have to make those decisions if you want To improve yourself and you you don't Have to be exercising or shooting your Bow but if there's there's things that Only you can do to improve then you need To focus on those because there's some Things that you can't pay somebody else To do And Myself I found that as a pitfall or as An Excuse in a way to not get better right Or to be lazy about something um and so You can I can talk my way into anything Or I can talk my way out of it so you Got to use those words and that that Power in the right way in order to make Progress with yourself and accomplish Your goals and so on that note you know I am somewhat of a walking contradiction Right because if I'm using that example Of paying somebody else to mow my lawn Then I probably shouldn't have my own Lawn mower but I do I've got my own 11t Wide fairway mower from Toro and the Reason for that is number one I think is

Really cool uh number two those guys Come out and mow once a week and our Lawn grows really fast and our kids play Soccer in the backyard and if they come Once a week then they're hitting in shag Or they're they're kicking the ball Around in shag and so I like to get out There with an 11ft mower I can knock That out in like a half hour the whole Back acre and a half and that's just I Just kind of Mo that section I don't do trimming or Anything else I can knock that out in a Half hour and it's done it's clean and I'm I know I bought that mower right so I can sell that thing off Whenever and make money on it I will When I sell it so it's it's kind of a Different situation there but you could Do the exact same thing if you wanted to But I've also got some other examples of Things that I used to do and don't do Now and a lot of you this year and Probably good for you to know too I no Longer sell the Northwoods white tail Seed like the food plot seed that's all Out here I tried experiment Experimenting with that last year and Sometimes you got to try something out And see how it goes and logically it Made sense to sell food plot seed a lot Of my viewers are Hunters they Outdoorsman um they're local to this Area and we can even ship it out to now

If I had my preference I would have Structured that relationship with Northwoods to have an affiliate Partnership where you use a discount Code like I do with other vendors you Just go to their website place an order Enter a discount code you save a little Bit I make a commission it ships out Direct so for whatever reason Northwoods Didn't want to structure the Relationship like that so I was like Okay fine I'll take a flyer We'll order A couple pallets or a few pallets full Of seed have them ship down here we'll Experiment with it see how it goes turns Out I should not have done that and the Reason is again this gets down to how You use your time all right I'm very Very very big on this and this is going To make a big difference in your life Too But if I have an hour's worth of time to Spend and most of the attachments that We sell or the tractors that we sell you Know I can make a 100 bucks or 500 bucks Or shoot maybe even $1,000 on a Tractor am I better off spending my time Talking to the customers about those Bigger ticket Items or am I better off spending my Time selling a couple of bags of seed Where I could make literally 10 bucks Same amount of time that I'm Spending

Much smaller return right and so it Didn't take long to figure out that this Was just not worth my time And not an Avenue that I wanted to go Down right and so you find that stuff Out sometimes by doing it and I didn't Sell all the seed that I had I gave some Of it away I used what I could I I Overseed heavy this year the second year With the leftover stuff that I had Because the germination rate goes down a Bit but the point being is that I'm you Got to be willing to make To set yourself out there a little bit Right take some risk not a huge risk Right but I bought a few thousand Dollars worth of seed to see how it goes To Experiment and see if it was worth my While to continue to pursue that path And trial and error you find out it's Not so same thing with talked about this Before too how I used to love to do Service work brush walking Fields Tailing Gardens tilling food plots all That kind of stuff I absolutely us to Love it and I really do still love it But if I'm sitting out there on a Tractor all day by the time I get it all Hooked up here load on a trailer drive To point a b c d FG all that and get Back I mean I'm on my tractor that whole Time I can't take phone calls I can't Answer emails I can't do all the other

Business functions that I need to Do that have grown the business to where It is so it's just falling behind on all This extra work and while I am making Okay money doing the service work the Tradeoff is I'm missing out on the much Bigger slice of the pie piece of the pie That's paying most of the bills and so I Don't do the service work anymore Either so your life is different your Life is unique but you can still apply The same principles to the Different services that you hire out or Don't hire out in your life maybe you Are mowing your lawn right now and you Just didn't think about it right because You're still you're still paying for the Fuel you're still paying for the Maintenance still paying for the machine On top of your time week in and week out And there is some enjoyment there's some Stress relief I think that comes with a Lot of it too just being out there not Having to think about anything either That can be very satisfying and could be Therapeutic even but it's just one Example that you can apply to all the Other areas of your Life that can set you on a new Trajectory and make you more efficient Get some extra cash in your pocket doing Different things and who knows maybe it Even means you're spending an extra half Hour reading a book or maybe spending a

Half half hour an hour a week taking a Class to learn a new skill set that's Going To you know maybe not now it's costing You a little bit of money right you're Paying somebody else to mow and you're Paying for a class to take but in a year From now or two years from now when you Have a major new skill set that you can Do and you can make way higher earnings At that point well sky is the limit then So don't be shortsighted see beyond just Tomorrow to make these decisions you Know so a different way to look at this Could Be the cost to automate your life right And you could go from a manual process To that automatic process and that's Kind of the same way mowing your own Lawn versus hiring it out right I mean The same thing is just putting your Bills on autopay you know you don't have To think about it it's just done and While it's a good idea to to check your Bills from time to time right the Electric bill the gas bill whatever it Is so you are aware of what you're Paying making sure that there's no extra Fees that are being rolled in there that You didn't know about or they sign you Up for some extra service that you're Not taking advantage of or it's an extra Five bucks a month that they're just Siphoning off

Still the benefit of that is way less Touch time for you right it's just a Recurring thing that you know you're Going to have to pay month in and month Out you're never going to fall behind Then at that point so I mean credit Cards too you know if you're at least Making that that minimum payment should Be paying them off every month but if You're at least making that minimum Payment it's going to improve your Credit score which that's just playing a Game and making sure that you can get The best lowest rates available when you Need them you know and a good example I Uh I follow a Channel um Nick Bearer he's an exercise Guy and he um it's majorly I guess Mainly a Lifestyle Channel but he also Talks about his business and he recently Just Got uh a really sweet machine that for All I wish we could get one for our Business it's really cool it's like you A customer orders a hat or some Supplements or whatever on his website And at their warehouse there's this Huge sweet looking conveyor belt robot Looking thing and you just set the items That are ordered on the conveyor belt And it does the rest it it scans it all It builds a box all around it spits it Out at the end of it with a shipping Label and it's ready to go so of course

There's a huge initial investment to get That kind of machine set up and going But it saves a lot of Labor it takes a Lot of human error out of the process Too and the time you know labor Savings In general is going to recoup itself With volume it could be a few years pay Back who knows but there's a lot of Other benefits too that free you up to Do something else so again this isn't to Say necessarily mowing your lawn hiring Somebody out is the right or wrong thing For you it's the concept behind this Right so I'd encourage you to take this Back apply it to your life apply it to Your business I mean it's it's a huge Timesaver that's kind Of that's just what I love to do I love To be more efficient with my Time if you can find ways to do it There's it doesn't cost it doesn't the Real cost of me mowing or paying Somebody else to mow my lawn is not 130 Bucks it's far less than that so it's Well worth it for me to do that but I Totally get at the same time if it's Well worth it for other reasons for you To mow your own lawn too that'll wrap it Up for us today a little bit of Motivation for you something for you to Think about but of course our main Business is buying and selling tractor Attachments so if you're in the market For a tractor attachment well we ship

Them all over the country every day of The week we' love to earn your business Check out what have to offer at Goodworkstractors Docomo by and until next time stay safe We'll see you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon Oh

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