[Music] Okay you know I'm flattered folks you Know it's it's weird to be in a position When other folks I don't like being the Center of attention I am by Nature Because of my business I if I was Standing in front of you I've said this Before I would stumble over my words if You saw me do this in one take That would be incredible all the Outtakes me saying the wrong thing Repeatedly is uh is pretty funny too at Times but that's also because we do a Lot of these videos not with a script Sometimes I have nothing at all Sometimes I have bullet points I want to At least talk about and kind of go from There so there's bound to be mistakes But one thing's for sure is that we Don't try to waste people's time I I Want to educate I want to give value and I I think a lot of folks out there it's Not a common theme with YouTube right It's all about click bait and Um you know grabbing somebody's Attention and while I certainly want to Do that I want my videos to be viewed I'm trying to give insight into helping New tractor owners or existing tractor Owners may be looking for a new machine Um you know it could be anybody I mean You never know a circumstance you're not Always trying to put yourself in a Certain scenario and see what happens

And so if you can see somebody else do That and get your answer that can be Helpful and can be an education In a in a different kind of way and so Sometimes this flies right over people's Heads and that's okay Um They don't all understand some of them Are ignorant some of them don't care Some of them don't like me for whatever Reason it is and so there was a a whole Thread on Green Tractor talk dedicated To one of my videos about the 1025r that I'm sitting on right now failing me and Some saying it was the operator that Failed not the tractor and that's Semantics I mean you can you can dissect That however you want to the reality is I've put this tractor in many situations When I thought it would fail and it Didn't it still succeeded right and big Challenges for it big tests big jobs Whatever it is and it's still pulled Through and so in those scenarios the Tractor was successful it didn't fail And so it's it's fair to say that Putting it in a different challenging Situation did fail all right and that Was intentional and this video in Reference was going down a muddy Lane That I have in my property there's no Gravel there On purpose I've talked about this if you Follow my channel we graveled up near

The front uh wanted to try not graveling This Lane if we could Um for Aesthetics purposes right it's Nice to have a two-lane drive on your Property and in Michigan that's a tough Thing and we found out pretty quick that It turned to mud and part of that was Because we had so much traffic up and Down that lane this year my barn was Being finished off on the inside and the Outside everything else so we had Insulation guys out here had the Lighting guys out here had the the Finishers out here Propane guys all sorts of contractors in And out for months on end That didn't help matters and so that Rotted up the lane really badly I mean I'm talking ruts to bottom out the axles On this tractor so it couldn't go Anywhere And so we just went out that day to make A snow clearing video had no idea it Would it would fail I didn't actually I Didn't think there was any chance of Sailing to be honest with you so I had The snow push on the front rear blade on The back trying a different setup we Waited for all the snow to fall down Right to make it more dramatic to show This is what this little tractor can do But we set it up in a pretty difficult Set of circumstances and so you can Learn from that as as an operator to not

Get in that scenario right to to tackle If you're going to use a small tracker To tackle certain projects and smaller Bites don't wait for the whole snowstorm To come down get out there every three Four five inches and keep it clean you Know there's always things that happen But it's just how you use the tractor Most effectively to be successful and That was a way to not use it so we go Out with a plan on what we want to do That day shoot the video and then Sometimes when things go differently Than planned that becomes the theme of The video we have all this content we're Going to put it together and show you It's it's informative either way so Anyway this thread 100 on some comments On it I'm going to go through some I'm Going to kind of cherry pick some of my I've browsed this I haven't deep dived Dove you know like this plunged into all Of it but I'll go through it learn some Things about my business just learned Some things about my setup out here Learn some things about our videos and Hopefully Enlighten you didn't watch Every second but comments kind of Self-serving considering he is now Promoting some Korean tractor brand Okay well the summit tractor was a Bigger tractor which was an afterthought Chris wasn't even here at that point He went home I was like well I've got

The snow blower on the summit let me Just go give it a shot and see what the Heck happens whip up my phone because It's working and add it on so that's all That was it's also self-serving I guess Because guess what I saw snow pushers Rear blades all sorts of other stuff for Tractors canopies you name it I sell it Right so that's self-serving comment Right there too It's a business Channel this is not a Personal vlog My channel exists to create content to Promote my business but to entertain add Value to Cody Courtney Flatter to be mixed up with whistling Diesel but anyway it has more and more Click bait titles No I don't I It failed me that was that was not Clickbait at all makes me want to Unsubscribe do it unsubscribe more of This in the summit promotion over deer Interesting I so when I see value my Opinion is not allowed to change I have To stick with what I thought before and Nothing can ever change from that that's Not how life Works bigger is always the Answer No it's not I just did a whole video Promoting smaller tractors like the 1025 I like the summit like the BX like uh Other subcompacts and small frame

Compact tractors smaller is a great Option for many folks anyway you get the Point we make videos showing different Tools in different scenarios because Maybe you already have a rear blade and You want to see what else you can do With it maybe you have a snow push or You want to see how it handles a bigger Snow whatever it is I've dealt with Courtney and other things he seems a Decent guy but using tools for the first Time during a significant snowstorm on a Questionable Road surface not putting Much Credence in his frustration in this Case well you don't know unless you try It otherwise how else would you know so That's all I'm doing there tree potato This was by far the worst video Courtney Has ever done he could not have failed At this any worse with all the effort it Would have taken He honestly made himself look like a Fool in this video I've cleared snow Like that with my 2025r And snow push and cleared it like a Champ he made this look a lot worse than It should be you know what can I say You're a better operator Um oh good one hey some support for the Ones that know better he was definitely Showing the ways not to use the snow Pusher or rear blade you learn really Quick always leave yourself a way out For deep snows only go forward then back

Up Yep good stuff video was hard to watch No common sense you turned a simple task Into a nightmare using the word Nightmare that's kind of Click bait Right there buddy uh wrong implements Poor driveway design it's not a driveway Lack of planning and patience There was snow to push we were trying a New setup and it didn't work So I'd say that gave plenty of good Feedback for other folks watching ah Good one I'm waiting to see if he makes A follow-up video on the negative Comments he gets then he'll set you guys Straight I'm not looking to set anybody straight Just share some insights a good one I Like this Jay gay man Jay gay man most Of the videos on that channel are Painful to watch well I appreciate you Coming back time and time again Jay gay Man one would think after spending so Much time with all those tractors and Implements that something would rub off Instead it's pretty much a library Demonstrating the wrong way to do things While wasting huge gobs of money What huge gobs of money am I wasting and What am I wasting for anybody else you Folks out there learned what not to do I Can show you we just made a video doing Things the easy way with the Kubota The 2596 inch snow Pusher everything

Went smooth and nobody watched it you Guys like to see things go wrong and so Just because I pushed the limits and and See what can happen doesn't mean that It's click bait but it appears that's The kind of stuff you guys like to watch Trav says why didn't he push a path Through the center first with the back Blade running in Reverse well I started To do that that's part of the thing too We edit videos right so we show clips And then we skip forward and show more Clips because you just don't want to see The whole stinking thing it's almost bad Angles as bad video it's just takes too Long to get from point A to point B Whatever it is so we kind of condense it All into the good stuff but he says why Didn't he push a path through the center First with the back blade running in Reverse I actually started out doing That and didn't get anywhere and so I Tried something different oh more of the Same stuff Nothing much interesting but this is uh This is good I really appreciate You guys caring so much though too why Would you even mess around with a little Tractor when you have a bigger tractor And a skid steer sitting in the shed He's just making YouTube content videos Like this probably get more views Uh well that's true they do get more Views but I think that's partly because

That's my core business our smaller Tractors and so that's the content that Most folks have signed up for to Subscribe and watch and come back and Recognize me for so when I make a bigger Tractor video or right behind the camera Is my skid steer there's less of an Audience for that it's You know just a different Different transition or different area There that doesn't get into so I use the Smaller tractors because I sell all These attachments they're easy to ship As a big market for them so many owners That's what I've kind of entrenched Myself within and so that's what I want To show you guys what works and what Doesn't we are proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at I've noticed he Has a nice shed on the property thank You but there's a nice John Deere zero Turn sitting outside in the snow Well that John Deere zero turn has been In the shop time and time again It is nice but it's a problem child but As I just explained earlier this whole Place was getting finished off and so There's been equipment that's outside There's still been there's still a lift Right over there they're still doing Stuff all around here and to constantly Time and again take things in and out It's just too much of a pain so some of My equipment is sitting outside right Now And for the record like every tractor Dealer in the world out there has Equipment sitting outside too it's going To be okay pjr 832 again he also has an Arsenal of snow removal equipment better Suited for this task yes I do funny Thing is all the good comments he got For doing that video people saying Thanks for showing us what doesn't work And how well implements work in the snow Yes those are the people that get it Always thought of them is a pretty Honest guy trying to make a living Sometimes his videos suck yeah for sure But that can be said of anyone posting JD videos okay all right there coming Some slack guys but burning for this

Video and again I wouldn't use any of Those attachments For snow For sna for SNY Sna boring boring boring Find any good stuff Yeah pretty sure in the previous video Or post he specifically said he's trying Out variety of tools and techniques Thanks hedge Warden yeah you follow Along blah blah blah hey good one C-m-o-u-a see Mao any equipment I think Can be out of its class if you don't Know the limitation on how to use it for The most part a 10 25 With a blade or a pusher if it's all you Got you have to keep up with the snow Exactly that's the point of the video You can't let it get up to where the Snow is above your blade or equipment It'll make it a lot more work so you Know if I was Going to power through that I I could Have done that eventually but there was Just a you know there just wasn't a Point in doing it so I could have gone Out got this tractor and handled it Handled it with anything else as you can See in the video thank you black Bay Heart Videos to show what did and what did not Work for that snowfall yeah for sure if You wanted to move the snow more Efficiently that cabbed up Kubota would

Have been my first choice definitely And I did that in a follow-up video so Watch that folks if you want to see it Done right he mentioned it was going to Be a dollar sign H Asterix T show Yeah that's right Dan silly bear has a Whole book that he wrote But he doesn't he doesn't get it Hopefully he gets it after after Watching this at first I thought this Was one of those here's what not to do Videos yes exactly right this guy's an Idiot wrong tools for the job You know same same kind of stuff I'm Into marketing and sales yes again this Is a a business Channel More comments on a video the more YouTube tells other people to watch it Not not necessarily we do giveaways once In a while We just did a giveaway actually on a Snow Pusher let it run basically the Whole month of January That video had 1500 comments on it Which is about the best out you're ever Going to have of winning something like A snow Pusher one out of 1500 that's Pretty darn good but that video only did Normal we got like 33 000 views on it You would think a normal video that gets Like this Kubota video that we just did Recently had a 120. Comments The snow Pusher giveaway had

12 13 times that so it should have done 12 13 times better it didn't it Is only going to do about as good as This Kubota video will In the same amount of time so comments Don't do a whole lot of good thumbs up Don't do a whole lot of good Thumbs down don't right I I don't know What does a lot of good with YouTube It's a mystery that I can't figure out Super Glide sport good comment just About anything that everyone has here is Better than what I started out with as a Teenager hanging around in auto repair Shop one of his winter jobs is using a 50s Dodge Power Wagon to plow the Parking lot sure slot down the street And a few commercialized on the Neighborhood you're dying right about That I don't see a pull type blower Working on a small tractor well I show a Pull type blower in the video working on A small tractor there's a summit tx25 It did the exact same thing and and the Point is you have to if you just take The labels off it doesn't say Summit on There it's just a tractor and you have To look at the fact of the weight the Size the ground clearance all those come Into play and so it could be a Kubota That's bigger it could be a John Deere That's a bit bigger it could be maybe a 1025 that has way more weight on it Potentially you know it doesn't have the

Ground clearance but maybe even that Alone makes enough difference to get the Traction the point is you got to look at These things outside of a box and and I've said many times I don't care if you Buy something from me or not right most Of you guys watching don't buy something From me and I've come to accept that Fact and be okay about it so it's just Free entertainment that sometimes is Taken too seriously but look at it in a Way that gives it some education that You can maybe reference to somebody else That's like hey I'm going to get this Tool and give this a crack at it well Hey before you do see how this is set up And if that works or not because that's The whole point of YouTube tube is you Can see what works and what doesn't and Share the information and become smarter Every day yeah more and more comments Here nothing nothing much they start to Go off track after a while Bull type Blowers there's pros and cons in this Video guys for it and again so they Don't understand it's not what this Video is about though yeah so really That looks like it's about it so Hopefully you guys learned some things About my business about the videos why We do them we do them intentionally to Show you things right and uh they're not All going to be easy peasy You know that does it you know you get a

Lot of flack from from bigger tractor Owners you know like the big AG Farmers Farming thousands of Acres saying these Are just garden tractors or lawn mowers And they can't do anything so if Somebody only looks at that information It's like oh maybe they're right I need To get something bigger and then they Wind up with something too big and they Can't do a lot of the jobs they wanted To around their around their yard around Their house because it's too heavy or it Doesn't navigate well or they they can't Tow to their property because it's too Big and they don't have a trailer or a Truck to haul it and so there's big Trade-offs all around and you want to Know what it can do and what it can do And I think we do a really good job of Doing that and not just me but the Cameraman my brother behind there too Who edits who does a drone work who does All that stuff we put it all together to Try to do a good job of both Entertaining and educating so thanks for Posting on Green Tractor talk keep on Posting them maybe I'll make more like That so you can post it because that Does help my view count right that keeps It going up and I don't care if there's Haters out there that you just gotta you Just shrug them off right so it's just Part of life but if you do enjoy my Content

I'd love to have you tag along hit that Subscribe button that's right down below It's completely free you can see when Things go right when things go wrong I do have biases but I also try to be Unbiased and be fair and the equipment That I sell and carry I'm very selective Of I want nothing but the best for my Customers because that makes my life Easier so that's a selfish reason to Look at it right but if my interest and Your interests align you need equipment I sell equipment make money but I don't Want problems I want satisfied repeat Customers then then we're in alignment There that I'm going to try to find The best stuff that's out there high Quality great features affordable price Points so go to goodworks See what we have for sale we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week we offer Rewards We offer financing and again free Shipping to 36 States I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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