Folks what's going on we are going to go Over some common misconceptions with Tractors we've done videos like this in The past and a little bit of this will Be refresher I suppose along with some New topics thousands and thousands and Thousands of new viewers all the time Are checking out our Channel and so it's Just a new audience all these new folks Especially the last year or two Just an influx of folks that have Tractors now as well and and just giving Them an education so this is the kind of Thing if you've had a track you've been Around tractors your whole life I know a Lot of you have as well then give us Your input you know a lot of folks read These comments down there too so if you Have something to add another Misconception that's helpful to somebody Else so that they don't make an Expensive or I don't know a dangerous Mistake down the road this is the kind Of information that helps build the Tractor Community okay so I made a Little list here but uh first one up You know is is all to do with You know you're going to lift too much For your loader something along those Lines or the same thing can be said for Well you're gonna you're gonna lift too Much for your three-point hitch and You're going to break it and that's I I Really don't know where that's coming

From so Um your loader or your three point are Only going to lift however much they can Lift and there's there's safeties in Place for your hydraulic system that Maximize that and if it's too much for The loader or the three point to lift it Up then nothing is going to happen it's Just not going to lift it off the ground You're not going to be able to To raise something that's somehow too Heavy for it and then you know have the The Integrity of your loader or the back Of your tractor fall apart because There's too much weight for it that's That's not possible Well unless you modify your tractor in a Way to increase the hydraulic system Somehow you know if you tweak that go Beyond the limits of what it was Designed for engineered for in the Factory well then you're getting into a Different realm when you can potentially I'm not trying to scare anybody but Potentially you could exceed What it was engineered to do anyway I Think that most recently came up I Posted a video about our Versa Forks That we have that go from the loader to The three-point hitch and somebody in One of the comments there said something About being careful with with doing that And in reality that's just not that's Just not going to happen I mean many

Times I have wanted to see I've been Curious can I lift something up with With a small tractor and I haven't been Able to so it kind of validates it for Itself you're not going to damage your Tractor for something too heavy it's Simply not going to lift it up on the Flip side you can definitely hurt Yourself if you're lifting up something Really heavy on the front end loader or The three-point hitch and you're not Properly ballasted on the opposite side This in particular goes for the front End loader more so than the three-point Hitch the fulcrum when you're lifting With your front end loader is going to Be the front axle and so you've got you Do have this weight that's back here but It's it's not enough weight naturally You need to add a lot more balance Weight we talk about the Versa bracket The hitch hangers the suitcase weights The balance box wheel weights rim guard All that stuff To keep this end of the tractor on the Ground when you're lifting up something Heavy up there you can see the geometry Is different if you're lifting up Something heavy on the three-point hitch It's really closer to the fulcrum then Which is the rear axle at that point and You have a lot more weight way out in Front especially if you have a bucket or A pusher or something heavy up front

There too so it's a little bit different Geometry you naturally need to have more Battle swing on the back if you're Lifting with the front then vice versa Planning for the future all right this Is a really good one and it's it's a Fairly common question that I'm asked is You know hey I have a 1025r now which is Like the tractor I'm sitting on but in a Couple years we're going to be moving or We're going to develop the rest of our Property and I'm going to need something Big like a 4066r so what can I buy now That'll work on on this tractor and on The 4066 you know a snow Pusher pallet Forks Snow blower what the heck it is and the Answer is not much you can get a quick Hitch like the the spico E hitch that'll Work on both and we use it on on our big And small tractors in the compact world But that's about it you know a 54 inch Snow Pusher that I'm looking at up here Is not even going to cover the tracks Let alone Be undersized it's not going To have enough support and embracing in It uh for the extra weight of the Tractor on a 4066 but it's not going to Be wide enough either it's it's only Four and a half foot wide A 4066 is six foot wide all right and Same thing with a snow blower 54 inch Wide back there again you're not Covering your tracks pain in the butt

Same thing with a brush hog a four foot One on a 1025r and a six foot minimum on A 40-66. so the list goes on and on and On but there's certain things maybe if You're upsizing just one frame size down The road where you can get away with it But if you're going to go from one end Of the spectrum to the other end the Chances of being able to to carry those Attachments along with you are going to Be slim to none all right folks Definitely talked about this one before I'm going to say this in a way that Hopefully sticks horsepower doesn't Matter And not that it doesn't matter at all Because I I get that but folks get very Tied up on I need a 30 horsepower Tractor I need a 40 horsepower tractor I Need a 50 horsepower tractor and there Are so many other variables that go into Buying the right tractor to fit your Needs horsepower is just one I mean There's there's going to be certain Attachments that do require Certain amounts of horsepower and if you Have I don't know some really random task Where there's only one size of this Attachment available and it demands 50 PTO horsepower well then I guess that's Going to be the requirement you need but More often than that you're going to be Able to have an attachment that's sized

Appropriately to your tractor size and That could be a four foot attachment Working on your 1025r that you know has 18 PTO horsepower at the rear and that's Why you run one of the reasons why you Run a four foot rotary cutter on there And one of the reasons you run a six Foot rotary cutter on a 4066 part of it Has to do with acreage part of it has to Do with the size of the jobs and and we Did a video tackling this subject a While back too and and calculating the Amount of time it would take to to till A field or to brush hog a field but you Can go through that and and really Dissect the difference between A four foot tool a five foot a six foot A seven foot tool to tackle the same job And and if you have not just one acre But maybe 20 acres of that type of work To do well that's when getting into a Bigger tractor makes more sense budget Comes into play storage comes into play A lot of factors come into play and and So I think I continue to talk about it you need to Most of the time lower horsepower down The priority list there and let the Whole picture kind of lead you to the Right tractor setup for you okay next up We're going to talk about hydraulics All Hydraulics are not created the same If you're buying a tractor out of the Factory if you just get it in a standard

Stock setup almost all tractors out There are not going to have what you Need on it to run a grapple or any other Fancy hydraulic operated attachments Well Summit does for sure include that As standard a remote up front and a Remote on the back they're kind of a Different animal though but in general Not only are you not going to have those Hydraulic standards but there's going to Be different types of hydraulics you're Going to have a power beyond hydraulic Which is something that is going to have An open circuit so a backhoe is a really Good example of that A backhoe has its own joysticks where You move the booms around the bucket and Dig and extend everything out so that Attachment has the controls on it the Circuitry and so that means you don't Have any circuitry on your actual Tractor itself to control those valves Now think about running a grapple you're Going to have a button on your handle Typically that's going to be the control Circuit and there's going to be no Levers on your grapple at all so the Attachment like a grapple is not going To have any controls in itself it's just Going to have hoses in a cylinder you Plug into the control the circuit is Going to be on your tractor on top of That there's no standard as far as what Type of fitting or what size of fitting

Or even if it's male or female there's Folks out there that will try to tell You there is a standard and I've been I've been told myself very bluntly by Customers that there's a standard There's only one way things are set up But I've sold hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds maybe I don't know maybe 1500 Used tractors I've seen all sorts of Setups and they are not standard by any Search of the imagination so if you Don't have the hydraulic products you Need go to Summit you're Going to get a DIY solution you can do It yourself in just an hour to install At home get your third function up front Get rear remotes get a rear remote Multiplier so you can have four five six Hydraulic circuits back there if you Want to super cool stuff but don't be Fooled into thinking there's some sort Of a standard setup because It could be quarter inch 3 8 half inch Flat face couplers Pioneer male female There's not going to be a standard by Any stretch that's why most of the Equipment we sell doesn't come with the Hoses and fittings on it because you Don't know what your setup is going to Require what length of hoses what Fittings are on there and yet you really Can't accurately know that until you Have the equipment all right in front of You folks we are proud to be sponsored

By rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at so this one here Is unfortunate if you already have your Tractor but for those of you that don't Have a tractor yet are going to buy your Next one it's something to give a lot More thought to than I think a lot of Folks do and that is going to be the Tires that you get along with it and That's a very common question that I'm Asking through email through YouTube Comments and everywhere else is uh what Options are available for me I really Don't like the tires that I have now the Most common tire that people don't like Is going to be the R4 industrial which Also happens to be the most popular so There could be a correlation there if You had the most of something then

That's it makes sense it's logical to Have the most amount of folks also not Like that too so a large amount of folks Probably do like I'm just fine I I don't Like them at all and I have our four Tires on here and I've actually grooved These tires to get better traction in The winter time on snow and ice that Kind of thing and it's really made a big Difference so there's cheap ways to get Away with that but if you haven't bought Your tractor yet I got a buddy just on The road we're actually hoping to do a Video here when he gets delivery of his New Kubota l6060 the anniversary edition And I encouraged him check out see what The options are on there because a lot Of tires not only are the tires very Expensive to replace I should say but There's certain tread patterns if you Want to go from like a a Turf Tire to an R4 or an R14 or an AG or whatever it is You need to get a new wheel as well so Not every wheel is going to be Compatible with the tread pattern that You want to get and that's I mean we're Talking on a big tractor like a three or Four series a big compact that could be Two grand or more if you need to change The wheels and the tires something Smaller like a 1025r Every tread pattern that's out there is Going to work on these wheels you don't Need to change them but still to change

All the tread on here I don't know You're probably somewhere in the six to Eight hundred dollar Mark just to do That literally just got an email from my Buddy who's going to get that l6060 I Had asked him to check on the Goodyear R14 tires And the Kubota dealer is saying that They don't offer the Goodyear r14s to me That does not seem right I feel like Messick's did a video on the Goodyear R14s maybe I mismembering something but This is where This is where it gets really confusing And it doesn't it doesn't matter if it's Kubota if it's deer whoever it is but You're going to get a lot of conflicting Information from dealers and and so Forums are a really good way to Double check the information that you're Getting go to a forum you know I've Talked about Green Tractor talk orange Tractor talk tractor by Nets a great one All-encompassing with every tractor Brand out there but bounce these Questions if you're questioning it Bounce these off of the community that's Out there that's already gone through The same process all the other folks That have already gone through buying a Brand new tractor shopping it around at Various dealers getting conflicting Answers But having proof sitting in their

Driveway showing that what one dealer Told you is wrong and what another Dealer can do is correct so anyway moral Of the story Tires are a big deal Make the right decision up front and in Fact we are going to do a video sometime Soon with a representative from Titan Goodyear Titan being the not the Titan That we talked about before but Titan Goodyear that does all the tires for Most of the oems that are out there Gonna go over all the things what all The numbers mean all the the different Things that you wouldn't think about With tires so if you want to know Something about tires and you're not Sure what it is leave a comment down Below and let us know and we'll include The answer in that video oh and that's a Good reminder to subscribe for future Videos so you'll be reminded when that Video comes out but give us a thumbs up Or a thumbs down if you need to and if You're looking for tractor attachments Check out goodworks because We sell and ship all over the country Okay this last one is uh one of those Shake my head kind of comments that that People make is it must be traded in for A reason you know there's got to be Something wrong with it because that's The only the only way that things Whether it's tractors trucks anything

Else are ever traded in houses that's The only reason things are are traded in And people go get new ones is because There's some wrong with the old one Right that's just not the case needs Change for folks all the time and that's One of the main reasons that tractors Are sold with a lot lower hours than Other things you see high mileage Vehicles trading a lot but tractors Well it's really surprising how Efficient they are and a lot of Especially first-time tractor owners You can't you just can't wrap your head Around how quickly you can get jobs done It is it's mind-boggling that something That you used to do by hand and Wheelbarrow and a rake or something else Would take days to do and you can get it Done in a half a day or less with a Tractor and so ours just don't get added Up like you would think and that's a Good thing I mean these tractors can go Thousands and thousands and thousands of Hours You'll see I've seen I almost bought one One time at 10 25 are they had like 12 Or 13 000 hours on it it looks terrible I mean it was in rough condition all Around it still ran they had a video of It running the tires were all bald it Was it was a sight to behold and I I Should have bought it just for the sake Of doing it just to kind of kind of show

You guys what these things can do but Most folks are never going to run a Tractor into the ground there's always Some that will but the majority of folks Buying a tractor like this a compact Tractor they're going to have it if they Want to the rest of their life now again More often than not they don't their Needs change and they get something else But again it's like some comments in a Video a while back with the uh The three-point log splitter that we had On the Kubota that we were running from Split fire Really good attachment and some folks Are like well why are you putting hours On your tractor doing this it's like What are you gonna what are you gonna Tractor for why don't you get a Self-powered brush hog back here get a Self-powered snow blower Get a self-powered chipper get a Self-powered log splitter why don't you Just get engines on all your tools and Not put any time on the tractor engine At all if that's how you feel about it You know these tractors are made to be Used they're made to be worked they're Simple machines really and I'm telling You most folks put like 50 60 hours a Year on their tractor you get some that Put more than that on there but even if You put 100 a year on there to get to 2 000 hours that's 20 years I mean that's

Like forever and that's really not much On a tractor you know but I did uh So well we've talked about uh Our buddy down the road Mr Eric He bought a a 4 series tractor from me Oh my gosh maybe it was two years ago Three years ago had a couple hundred Hours when he bought it but he hit a Thousand hours recently on there he sent Me a picture a thousand point four hours On there so he is one of the exceptions To the rule I drive by his place a lot And more often than not he's out on his Tractor doing something with it and so That's pretty cool but thousand hours Again it's nothing he could probably put 10 000 on that tractor if he wanted to And keep on ticking well that's going to Wrap it for us today so again I'm sure There's a lot of other misconceptions And maybe some that you kind of went Through yourself and discovered as well So leave a comment down below and help Some other folks out and again we'd love To have you tag along so hit that Subscribe button give us a thumbs up and If you're in the market for an Attachment we'd love to help you out Check out we do Sell and ship all over the country every Day of the week I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon

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